WWE Raw: Tag Team Title Holders Change Hands Before TLC Show

WWE Raw: Tag Team Title Holders Change Hands Before TLC Show

  Before Sunday’s Box Office event, the final episode of RAW saw the tag team names change hands in an intense way on Table Ladder and Chair WWE match.

Ruling titleholders of Authors of Pain had conquest in their highlights against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable after bringing a shocking Last Chapter on Roode.

Drake Maverick, the manager of Authors of Pain on RAW was also the part of the contest in a two-against-three prerequisite. He demanded to be tagged in to take the title and gather the magnificence for his side.

But Roode on the other side slithered out of his arrogant title, attempt and trolled Maverick up for a three-count of his own to make sure-fire a Splendid windup to the match as well as new tag-team titleholders.

Rollins announces combat on Corbin

Seth Rollins also advised Baron Corbin when he was live on Raw about his opinion that Raw’s current struggles. In standings of their show business levels and television rankings in the United States which were all downhearted to him.

The show begins with Rollins thought-provoking acting general manager Baron Corbin to come out and get a bout of actuality. After Corbin reached, Rollins instigated to cut a profile-raiser accusing him for everything that fans presently hatred about Raw. Whether from urination segments to Lucha House Party rules bouts and record low television rankings. Rollins said under his headship, Monday Night Raw has sucked and it has sucked because of Corbin. He then calls Corbin’s supremacy a miserable failure. Corbin was unconcerned in his reply and said Raw is his show, and if Rollins doesn’t like it, that’s not good.

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Rollins’ allegation was that the substitute general manager was the one who is responsible for the whole thing that was depraved on Monday night. This steered to Corbin promising him that he is going to make his life “hell” after TLC on Sunday night.

The Kingslayer recommended the duo calm down their differences earlier that show, in the arrangement of a table, ladders and chairs bout. Even though Corbin tried to get out of it but finally decided to agree with the Intercontinental title on the contour.

The match stretched its end when Rollins carried a frogsplash over Corbin on a table, only to see him pushed off the ladder by the General Manager’s newly chosen referee Heath Slater.

Even though Slater trolled Corbin back in and he was not capable to fully take advantage of the assistance and Rollins ultimately wrestled back to take hold of the belt.

Rousey come to be the superior of Jax

Nia Jax was also there where she had a chat of TLC cautioning for Ronda Rousey. Also in the previous time, she promised to “repeatedly punch in the face” taking her Raw women’s title.

That carried Rousey to the ring and ultimately headed to a singles bout between her subordinate Ember Moon and Jax’s back-up, Tamina.

Ember Moon succeeded with an Obscure, but not beforehand Rousey had for a short time got her hands on her TLC rival. She at the end tossed Jax over the fence, throwing her into the crowd.

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