WWE Can Swap Every Single Star Who Leaves, Even the Top Talent

           WWE, go round and round from forthcoming departure of Dean Ambrose and enlarged competition from companies such as All Elite Wrestling, now appears to be worried about its stars departing.

As the bidding war for talent warms up with new contracts, the company is now making an effort to lock down as many stars as possible.

As per the Wrestling Observer, the Word is that WWE has stated talents that if they possibly display on paper a proposal from alternative promotion, then they will beat it, and also double it on the spot, if the talent instantly signs with WWE.

Similarly, it’s been recounted that Ambrose’s parting had WWE scrambling to sign a plethora of talents to longstanding contracts in a work to stop them from working somewhere else.

Undoubtedly, within WWE there is distress going on about the scenarios of misplacing a number of its superstars. The recent news of AEW that proposing agreements as good as to those of WWE, is bringing more fear and has been worsened. The fear that the flourishing self-regulating wrestling scene has turn out to be an eye-catching decision for WWE’s dissatisfied stars who may possibly want out of the company.

After signing a contract with AEW earlier this year, Chris Jericho called it the best financial agreement of his storied career. This is making more concern to WWE as the top talents from the company might end up working with them and move on to AEW, counting WWE mainstay Randy Orton.

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Recurrent main eventers, comprising Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, are one of the few names whose contracts and have been interrelated to possible departures. They might whether go to newly start up AEW or else with UFC or even New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

WWE is making an intensive effort in order to offer into the demands to stop them from going somewhere else. A solid sign is that there is a growing sense of nervousness about WWE’s capability to retain its main stars from departure.

The recent reports that disclose that Ambrose who continuously performed as an upper midcarde, will depart in April was an eye-opener for WWE. It expresses volumes about the condition of pro wrestling that Ambrose would throwaway such a profitable contract because of unsatisfied with the innovative way of his character.

On the other hand, WWE’s distress about dropping topmost talents like Ambrose shouldn’t cause those within the company to worry too much over their possible withdrawals. After all, every single WWE star is replaceable, also the mainstream ones such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Ronda Rousey, who has also been related to a potential WWE exit.

While talking about the current situation of WWE, Lesnar is barely around; Rousey may possibly be moved out soon temporarily. The appearances of John Cena are becoming less and less recurrent. Also, Reigns’ future is unpredictable at this point due to his unfortunate cancer diagnosis. But, even after having superstars leaving permanently or temporarily, the WWE is still rolling on. The initial priority of WWE is the brand other than that WWE doesn’t prioritize anything else over it. While due to which it has hurt its capability to produce new stars. To some extent, it has given WWE a sense of ease for the reason that the withdrawal of any specific star will not bring down the company.

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So, however WWE is distressing about keeping its top talent in the company, the real truth is that, even if that topmost stars leave the company, WWE will still be fairly good.

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