World Of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth; Everything You Need To Know!

World Of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth; Everything You Need To Know!

           World of Warcraft is the seventh edition of War of Azeroth. The game has added new zones, dungeons, raids, and some other great features. Moreover, the level cap of the game has been increased to 120. Many significant changes have been made in the game compared to the previous versions. However, all the gaming mods are still the same with some new additions.

The New Level Cap

World of Warcraft introduces the new expansion and a new level cap. Hence, the players can now reach up to level 20 and increase 10 levels from Legion’s Cap. This is because the level cap was set at 110. The story quests are more Linear compared to Legion. However, The gamers can now level through the zones in any order. Players can scale only on a limited scale in the older content. Hence, these pictures will make the game even more interesting and fun but it will still take a long time to unlock the new character.

Two New Modes

There has been an addition of two cooperative modes in which the players have to fight against the artificially intelligent opponents who represent the opposing faction. Island expectation is a scenario in which you will be put against three enemies. These enemies will have artificial intelligence, meaning that they will act more like live players. This expectation is inspired by the RPG games and lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. Now warfronts are larger, players are deployed on the waterfront to destroy the enemies and construct new buildings which will eventually launch an assault to take over the enemy base. These expectations do not offer a PvP mode like the Island expedition and last for 20 to 40 minutes. Hence, players will be awarded achievements, armours and new resources in these two new expeditions.

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Past Game Modes To Remain

Battle of Azeroth isn’t removing the old modes. All the old game modes will continue and new modes are separately Available. Overall, 10 dungeons and 1 war mode have been added to the game.

War Mode

The PvP servers are currently not functional and have been converted to the regular server after the introduction of the new expansion. The new war mode is similar to the PvP server in which you will have to attack the players of the opposing faction. Players will get bonus experience and credit when they turn on the world.

Artefact Weapons

One of the most popular features of the previous expansion was the artefact weapons. They had a key ability and unlocked several skills. Heart of Azeroth has now replaced the Artifact weapons in the new expansion, World of Warcraft. You can now customise the character in this expansion. However, you must note that the Heart of Azeroth isn’t as effective as artefact weapons. artefact Artifact weapons are not going to return in the new expansion.

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