When Is Victoria Day 2019?: Things You Need To Know About Its History & Significance

When Is Victoria Day 2019?: Things You Need To Know About Its History & Significance

                   When Is Victoria Day 2019, History & Significance: Victoria Day is a declared federal holiday for Queen Victoria in Canada. The day witnesses an official national holiday in Canada which has its celebration annually on the last Monday prior to May 25 (Monday between the 18th to the 24th ). This day manifest in the whole country except for certain places like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. In the year 2002, there was an official renaming of the day and is now the day is known as Journee Nationale des Patriotes (National Patriots Day). As the early name suggests the day is undoubtedly named after Queen Victoria. The country has been carrying out the tradition of observing holidays in the honor of the British Royal  Family for many years.

When Is Victoria Day 2019?

Victoria Day 2019 in Canada will be celebrated on Monday, 20 May 2019.

Origin of the Victoria Day

Victoria Day is witnessing a celebration since ages and the day has its origin in the year 1845 which is 24 years before the Confederation of Canada. This was in the starting known as Queen’s Birthday until the queen was alive in 1901. After the queen’s death in the year 1901, it continued to celebrate as just Victoria Day. Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria around the globe with an official holiday. There are some cities in Canada which organizes parades on Victoria Day in the honor of Queen Victoria. This is most notably in the town of Victoria i.e. British Columbia. This day serves two fold of a mark of the unofficial end of the season for the winter activities across Canada.

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Tragedies Associated With Canada Day

Victoria Day of 1881 can never be forgotten easily because of the tragic event that happened during the festivities. A boat ironically named after Victoria got sunk near the city of London, Ontario. This accident took the life of 182 passengers on the board. The tragedy was because of the overcrowding of the boat which was carrying 650 passengers against a structural capacity of just 400 passengers. Eye witnesses were giving a claim that the passengers were crowded on the one side of the boat to watch upon a roving race near the cove Bridge and then suddenly the weight caused the boat to capsize and sink. This was one of the worst marine tragedies that have occurred so far in Canadian History. Then again on the Victoria Day of 1896, a bridge in Victoria, British Columbia collapsed when an overloaded streetcar crossed it that was carrying prospective spectators to the Victoria Day parade.

Recent Alterations in Dates

Initially, the day was celebrated on May, 24th of every year but that was pushed to the date 25th if the 24th fell on a Sunday. However, in the year 1952, the Canadian government decided to have Victoria Day which is to be held exclusively on a Monday meaning that if May 24th fell on another day, then the holiday will be on any of the preceding dates witnessing Monday. Currently, Victoria Day is held with pomp and color and that will be something which is best seen in the town of Victoria. Schools, post offices, government offices, and all the other businesses are also closed.

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