When Is Red Nose Day 2019, What it Is? Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

When Is Red Nose Day 2019, What it Is? Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

               When Is Red Nose Day 2019, What it Is, All You Need to Know: Red Nose Day is going to observe on 23rd May this year. here below is the complete information about Red Nose Day 2019.

What is Red Nose Day and Why it is Observed?

Red Nose Day is basically a fundraising campaign that raises the money for children and young people who are living in poverty. The main goal of Red Nose Day is to use comedy, entertainment as well as the power of laughter to help those who need it the most in our world.

In the UK, Red Nose Day has been going for 30 years and till date has raised more than $1 billion USD in order to help the people in need all around the globe. Greatly like Christmas or the day when the clocks go back and everybody gets an additional hour’s sleep, Red Nose Day has turn out to be one of the most thrilling days of the year in the UK, along with thousands of people who have taken part in every single year in order to change the lives across the world.

When is Red Nose Day this year?

This year in 2019 the Red Nose Day is going to be celebrated on May 23, Thursday.

What to Do in Order to Join in?

One of the best things about Red Nose Day is that you can easily join in by just watching TV. More exclusively the best thing you can do is watch the Red Nose Day show on NBC on the 23rd of May. Also, let yourself and your family to take part in Red Nose Day by sponsoring you to do something fun, silly or challenging.

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Where to get these Red Noses?

In the past few weeks, if you’ve been into a Walgreens or a Duane Reade, you may possibly have noted that they’re selling red noses for $1. By buying a red nose you also helping the children as these money are contributed in donating money in order to help children living in poverty and you get a red nose to go along with it.

Also, make sure to spread the message and the importance of the day by posting photos and videos about the day on your social networking sites. On the other hand, if you do buy one, just take a selfie of yourself wearing it and it on social media with the hashtag #RedNose!

What is the Significance of Fund Raising on Red Nose Day?

The money that is raised through Red Nose Day all goes to various organizations that are helping the children and young people in the US as well as all across the world who need it the most. All of the money that is raised through donations, fundraising as well as red nose sales are circulated to a range of non-profit organizations that make over the children’s lives.

Half of the money that is raised through Red Nose Day is going to be spent on projects in the US as well as the other half is going to be spent in some of the poorest communities situated in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Some of the charities Red Nose Day help consists of remarkable non-profits such as Oxfam, Save the Children and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance and many more.

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