When Is Purim 2019; Everything You Need To Know Right Now!

          Purim is a Jewish holiday observed in Isreal and also known as Feast of lots. It recalls an event in which Haman the evil tried to kill all the Jewish people but they get saved. This took place in the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire. The story is recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther.

According to the Book of Esther, Hamam, royal Vizier to king Ahasuerus of Persian planned to kill all the Jews in the empire, but his plan was foiled by Mordecai and his cousin and an adopted daughter, Esther, later who had risen to become Queen of Persia.

Purim is celebrated among Jews by exchanging gifts of foods and drink which is known as mishloach manot. People also donate charity to the poor and eating a celebratory meal. Public recitation (reading of the Megillah) of the scroll of Esther, known as Kriat ha-megillah, usually in a synagogue

When is Purim in 2019?

On Thursday, March 21st

Purim is celebrated annually according to the Hebrew Calendar on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar. Purim 2019 begins on Wednesday night, March 20, and continue through Thursday, March 21 (March 22 in Jerusalem). Since the jews of Shushan rested one day later, their Purim was deferred to the 15th. This was extended to include any city that was surrounded by walls in the days of Joshua, notably Jerusalem.,the following the victory of the Jews over their enemies.

Customs Followed On This Day-

People on this day greet each other and wear costumes and masks this is probably originated among the Italian Jews at the end of the 15th century. The concept was possibly influenced by the Roman carnival and spread across  Europe. other reasons are that it is a way of emulating God who “disguised” his presence behind the natural events described in the Purim story. Another custom is to burn an effigy of Haman on Purim. In some region, Purim Spiel has attempted in which people act on drama and tell the saga of Purim story.  People take parts in the carnival thousand of people gather on the street, showing their talents, skills, and costumes.

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Traditional Food People Make On Purim-

On Purim,  Ashkenazi Jews eat triangular pastries called hamantaschen. Sweet pastry dough is rolled out, cut into the circles, and traditionally filled with a poppy seed filling then it is wrapped up into a triangular shape. Among Sephardi Jews, a fried pastry called fazuelos is eaten and baked or fried pastry called Oerjas de Haman(Haman’s ears)

Seeds and nuts are eaten on Purim because Talmud relates that Queen Esther ate only these foodstuffs in the palace.

Kreplach, a kind of dumpling filled with cooked meat, chicken or liver and served in soup.

Arany Galuska, a dessert consisting of fried dough balls and vanilla custard, is traditional for Jews from Hungary and Romania.

On Purim, Morrocon Jews communities bake a Purim bread called Ojos de Haman(eyes of Haman) is baked in the shape of Haman’s head and the eyes made up of the egg are plucked out to show the destruction of Haman.

Among Polish Jews, Kilitch, a raisin Purim Challah that is baked in a long twisted ring and topped with small colorful candies, is meant to evoke the colorful nature of the holiday.

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