When Is IFA 2019: Official Dates, Latest Launches And What To Expect?

                    IFA 2019 Official Dates, Latest Launches & What To Expect: IFA, which is also popularly known as Internationale Funkausstellung, is one of the biggest tech shows held in Europe. The event is basically held in Berlin over the first few days of September and is one of the most noteworthy spots on the calendar as far as the product launches are concerned.

The show made its debut in the year 1924 as a radio convention and is one of the oldest industrial exhibitions. In the middle of the years 1924 and 1939 it was a yearly held event, but from the year 1950, it was held every other year until 2005. From then onwards, the event has turned out to be an annual event again, held in the month of September.

In the present day, it is one of the world’s leading tech or trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances. IFA is not just a private event but else it is an open show for the public, which means anyone can go and check out the latest and greatest technology.

IFA 2019: Official Date

IFA 2019 is all set to Kick-off on 6th September 2019 in Berlin and the event will carry on till 11 September 2019. These are the dates which are open to the public at Messe Berlin.

On the other hand, the press days of the event will hold days before, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 September, the days when big announcements are expected.

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IFA 2019: What to Expect From The Show?

When Is IFA 2019: Official Dates, Latest Launches And What To Expect?

Various new technologies are expected at this one of world’s leading tech or trade shows, here is the list of what we are expecting from IFA 2019, so without wasting any time let’s get started….


The first press conference of the show is going to be held on 4 September by Acer who have also confirmed the news recently. The company most of the time uses IFA to update laptops and tablets, so we can expect something related to it.


Huawei has been going on some serious issues lately with the dispute with the US and China. But this year at IFA 2019, Huawei has assured to keep up with our expectations and to reveal something big at the show.

Richard Yu, who is the chairman of devices business, has also confirmed to give the inaugural keynote of the IFA conference program, so we’re expecting something amazing. However, there’s nothing being confirmed but as per to some rumors Huawei might talk about its 5G TV as well as the Mate 30 series.


As we all know that now it is the time of 5G and the president of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon has also confirmed as a speaker in the IFA conference program. This year at IFA 2019, you can expect to hear more about the upcoming 5G devices, those to launch with the X55 modem which is all set to kick-off in the year 2020.


Though nothing is confirmed if LG previous trends are to be considered then it usually announces everything before anyone arrives in Berlin. Also, in the company’s IFA press conference teaser, you can see a dual-screen foldable device with an 8-bit style game.

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In the year 2019, Asus has already impressed us with its latest ZenBook models as well as the Zenfone 6. For those who don’t know much Asus contribution at IFA, then usually Asus updates ZenBook models at IFA. But, this time we don’t have any solid information regarding what Asus might be showcased in Berlin. However, you can expect something from its previous trend.


At present, there is nothing being revealed about Dell’s strategies for IFA, but we’re expecting some big serious action. However, Dell has earlier used IFA for XPS updates along with releasing new Chromebooks.


If previous trends are to be considered, Sony usually uses the IFA platform for updating its phones, making a big announcement regarding launching new products. This year too, Sony has also confirmed that is going to conduct a press conference on Thursday 5 September, so you can surely expect something big to be launched.

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