WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which Is The Best Social Messaging Application?

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which Is The Best Social Messaging Application?

             Connecting and networking are one of the most important aspects of social media. A lot is done and shared via social messaging applications as well. WhatsApp is the king of all social messaging application and has over 1.3 billion active users. WhatsApp enjoys the Monopoly in the social message in industry. However, some recent applications like telegram are becoming famous and growing day by day. Do you think that telegram can become the next social messaging giant? Let’s do a quick comparison of WhatsApp vs Telegram, to find out which is the real king in the social messaging industry.

WhatsApp vs Telegram


Privacy is one of the major concern of each and every user, using internet services on his smartphone. A lot of things are shared between individuals while chatting on social messaging applications. This may include some sensitive content which should not be revealed publicly. Hence, you should always choose an application which is a hundred percent safe and secure and keeps your privacy at the top of its priority list. Many people blindly think that WhatsApp is the safest Social Messenger because it is the most downloaded application globally. However, this isn’t really true.

You might be aware of the fact that WhatsApp did not have the end to end encryption a few years back. Whereas, Telegram is one application which used the end to end encryption feature from a very old time. End to end encryption is very important in today’s time so that there is no element in between two individuals who can read or interpret the message. However, WhatsApp has lately introduced this feature after getting a lot of pressure from the Government of different countries. Currently, both WhatsApp and telegram stand absolute on this parameter.

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Voice Calls

Both WhatsApp and telegram have a voice call feature which enables you to call your friends and family without paying any charges. The voice call quality is excellent on both the applications. However, WhatsApp slightly takes on Telegram here because of the data saving mode. If you are running low on data, you can switch on the data saving mode in WhatsApp which will increase the efficiency of voice call and decrease the data usage. On the other hand, there is no search feature present in the telegram. Hence, WhatsApp is the winner in this parameter.

Group Messages

Group messaging is a very important aspect of social messaging applications. A telegram has become really famous because of its group features. This is one criterion in which Telegram defeats WhatsApp with a huge margin. WhatsApp allows you to add only 256 members to a particular group at any point in time. Whereas, Telegram allows you to add a whopping 10000 participants in the group. It is practically unbelievable that a new social messaging application can defeat WhatsApp by such a use margin.

File Sharing

File sharing is another important aspect of social messaging applications. You might often send pictures and some funny videos to your friends using WhatsApp or telegram. However, there is a limitation of sending any file on these platforms. You cannot share large files exceeding 16 MB on WhatsApp. Whereas, you can share files up to 1.5 GB using a telegram. Hence, you can share an entire movie using Telegram without the need for third-party file sharing applications.

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WhatsApp vs Telegram: Conclusion

In our comparison of Whatsapp vs Telegram, we found out that WhatsApp is a better social messaging application just because it has a user base. Hence, it would be possible for you to connect to about 1.3 billion people using WhatsApp. On the other hand, Telegram will allow you to connect to only about a hundred million users. Hence, this is a major limitation of the telegram.

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