WhatsApp Account Banned? Here Is How To Get Unbanned From WhatsApp

WhatsApp Account Banned? Here Is How To Get Unbanned From WhatsApp

           Guide to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp: Currently, there is a huge ban wave which has led to the ban of several WhatsApp account. The WhatsApp team is trying to figure out the fake accounts and those accounts which are trying to misuse the terms and conditions of the application. So is your account blocked? Many users are coming up with the problem that they cannot access their charts in the WhatsApp menu. All Deccan c is a timeline which displays a message of a temporary or permanent ban. Therefore, we have come up with a procedure which will help you to get unbanned from WhatsApp.

Types Of WhatsApp Ban

There are two types of bans in WhatsApp. They are categorized depending upon the duration of the ban.

Temporary Ban: This is a periodical Ban which WhatsApp imposes on your account because of several reasons. The when will automatically get removed after a certain period of time and the period of Ban will be mentioned on the home screen of WhatsApp. Till then, the user cannot access any chart all feature of the WhatsApp application. However, all the normal features and chats will be restored after the Ban is lifted.

Permanent Ban: This is a kind of ban which WhatsApp imposes forever on your WhatsApp account. Hence, there is no chance to get back the account of the same number. However, there are some tricks using which you can get unbanned from WhatsApp. We have mentioned all these steps below in details.

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Why is the WhatsApp Account Banned?

There are several reasons because of which WhatsApp bans accounts. However, the reasons are separate for a temporary and permanent ban. We have briefly explained the possibilities of WhatsApp blocking your account below.

Temporary: In this case, the Ban is usually because of using a third-party application. For instance, you might be using a WhatsApp mod like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. Besides, the ban can be caused because of the user getting blocked by too many people in a short time span. This indicates that the user is sending spam messages to many people. Hence, WhatsApp issues a primary step and warns the user.

Permanent: The permanent Ban is called because of several reasons. The reason for permanent Ban is much more severe compared to the temporary ban. There is a high possibility of permanent Ban if you have been using a WhatsApp Mod version for a long period of time and if you have already been banned temporarily for quite a few times now. Besides, this step is also take in if your account has been flagged or reported for sexual or any kind of abuse.

How to Get Unbanned From WhatsApp?

There are a few methods which can be followed in order to get unbanned from WhatsApp. In case of a temporary ban, the band will automatically get lifted after a few hours. However, if your account has been banned permanently or you want to access your chats immediately you can follow the steps given below. The steps to get unbanned from WhatsApp is applicable only for those users who have been banned for using WhatsApp mod. The process doesn’t apply for those users who have been banned on the official WhatsApp application.

  • Go go to the app drawer of your Android or iOS device.
  • Now locate the WhatsApp Mod version and simply delete it.
  • Once the account has been deleted successfully, go to the play store for App Store and download the official WhatsApp application.
  • Now simply log in using the same mobile number and verify the number.
  • In most cases of the permanent or temporary ban, users get Unbanned from WhatsApp using this process.
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