VR vs AR (Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality): What Is The Difference Between The Two Technologies?

VR vs AR (Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality): What Is The Difference Between The Two Technologies?

           VR vs AR (Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality): New technologies have really great potential and they have taken the world to a completely different level. Virtual reality and augmented reality are to clear examples of booming technology and the modern world. Both the terms are completely different from each other in terms of concept and every other aspect. However, people still tend to get confused between both the terms. Hence, we have come up with the comparison of Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality to showcase the difference in the concept of both terms. We have explained the difference using examples.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most famous technologies and the modern world. It is a technology which will give you a feeling that you are present non physically in a virtual three-dimensional world. It gives up your feeling that you are physically present in that 3D virtual world. The technology is so sensual and amazing that you will not even realize that you are are in a virtual and not a real word. All the physical movements in the virtual world are similar to the action of your physical body in the real world.

Virtual reality is a great innovation and it has found application in a number of streams. The technology is being used by various scientific institutes to train the astronauts by giving them a virtual feeling of space. Similarly, virtual reality is also being used to train drivers on rigorous road conditions. All they do is make the person wear a VR headset. 3D Technology takes the person to a completely different environment and he will forget that he exists in real life.

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There are various games which are supported by VR and you can play them on your VR headset. You can find the best VR games on our website. These games are really great because you will feel like you are present in the virtual gaming world.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is not as great as virtual reality but it also has its unique application in the modern world. The application of augmented reality comes in the real world itself. With AR, users can place virtual items in the real place. For instance, let’s take an example to give you a clear picture of what augmented reality really does. You cannot use augmented reality to go to a virtual place but you can bring virtual items to the real place. Eg- You can place virtual items like bad and couch in an empty room to check out how it really looks like in real life. It has a significant role to play in the interior decoration industry.

Similarly, this can be imagined by taking into account Pokemon go. You might be aware of the fact that various pokemon are placed in the map virtually but can be accessed in real life. This is what augmented reality exactly does. Therefore, you can understand that both augmented reality and virtual reality are completely different things.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

The concepts of both the technology are completely different and you can completely understand by reading the passage is given above. Hence you will now be able to differentiate between Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality. VR is real life in the virtual world and AR is virtual life in the real world. Both the technologies are in an initial phase and the developments and applications will grow over time. They are being combined together to make massive tools for training individuals in different fields. For instance, car driving training and flight simulator can be accessed using a combination of virtual and augmented reality.

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