Valentines Day Week List 2021: Date Sheet & List Of February’s Days Of Love

Valentines Day Week List 2021: The month of January has ended and the celebration of a new year also with it. The new year gave us new ways to bring new consciences to our lives. Now upcoming is the February month which celebrates the feeling of togetherness. Valentine Week is ahead of us. The whole week is the celebration of gesture of love which people express to their beloved. Every day is the tradition of gifting your love with something relatable.  The week starts from 7th February and lasts till 14th February. The sequence lies as Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day and finally Valentine’s day. Here are Valentines Day Week List 2021, Valentines Day 2021 Date Sheet, February’s days of love and what each day in the Valentine Week signifies.

The Month of Love has begun and if you love someone then it’s the best time to Share your Feelings with him/her. Valentine’s week is the Most fabled and Loved week of Every Year. Couples from every country eagerly wait for this time so that they can completely engulf themselves in the Fever of Love. The Valentines week 2021 is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February Every Year. Most of the People Know about Valentine’s Day but there is someone who doesn’t know with the Occasion falls in which date. Valentine’s week comprise Total of Eight Days. The First Day of Happy Valentines Day is Rose Day, that is followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine Week List 2021

  • February 7 (Sunday) – Rose Day
  • February 8 (Monday) – Propose Day
  • February 9 (Tuesday) – Chocolate Day
  • February 10 (Wednesday) – Teddy Day
  • February 11 (Thursday) – Promise Day
  • February 12 (Friday) – Hug Day
  • February 13 (Saturday) – Kiss Day
  • February 14 (Sunday) – Valentine’s Day

1. Rose Day on 7th February

Rose Day marks the beginning of the valentine week. The day is to celebrate love by gifting red roses to your beloved. Roses are regarded as the pure element to express love. While red rose denotes love, yellow denotes friendship and white are significant for peace.

2. Propose Day on 8th February

The next day of the week is Propose Day. On this day one can propose and also initiate the bond with the person. This day is best 4 for confessing your love and affection to the person who you are in love with. The best opportunity this day brings to spill out your feeling for your crush in the most romantic way.

3. Chocolate Day on 9th February

Chocolate Day, The day is the third day and the day is to share the feeling of love and affection with sweet chocolates. Chocolate is to make their relationship start a very sweet one. Exchange of sweet candies happens among loved ones and friends on this day.

4. Teddy Day on 10th February

What better way to say that you care than through a cute teddy bear? As the name suggests, loved ones exchange Teddy bears on Teddy Day with adorable messages. Teddy bear signifies a gesture of care and gifting this to your love spreads a feeling of care in the relationship.

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5. Promise Day on 11th February

Promise Day, The day you make meaningful promises to your loved ones and give them the surety that you will be by their side forever. The tradition of making true promises makes the bond stronger and good commitments make the relationship last forever.

6. Hug Day on 12th February

Hug Day celebrates the feeling that a hug provides to the people in the relationship. People cannot say much in words than a hug can describe. Thus this being the 6th day of valentine week celebrates love in its own way.

7. Kiss Day on 13th February

Kiss Day, The day just before Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Kiss Day and it represents love, affection, and passion. Kissing somebody is the pure gesture to express a feeling of more towards a person.

8. Valentine’s Day on 14th February

Valentines Day, The day of love falls on February 14 every year and is celebrated in honour of Saint Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman saint associated with courtly love.

Final Verdict

The Week of Expressing Love for Your Partner is flooding around the World. Lovebird Across the World Celebrate these Days in order to Express their Love for their Partner and tells them how special they are. This week Listed from February 7th to February 14th. People all around the Globe Excited To Spend Quality of Time with their Lovers. The Valentines Week Start from Rose Day wherein Rose is presented as the Token of Love. The Second Day is Most Romantic Day in Valentine’s Week which is Known as Propose Day. The Third Day of Valentines Day is Chocolate Day on this Day Chocolates are Gifted to Partners to make their Bond Special. Another Day is Teddy Bear Day, on that Day Couples Gifts Teddy to each other. On February 11 Promise Day is Celebrated after That Hug Day and Kiss Day are celebrated.

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