Top Best Easter Eggs Ideas 2020 That You Must Try This Easter

Top Best Easter Eggs Ideas 2019 That You Must Try This Easter

             Best Easter Eggs Ideas: Easter Eggs are the representation of fertility, regeneration and new life which is used to celebrate Jesus’s conquering of death and the following new life Christians have through him. Well, Easter is about to come and are still some people dunking an Easter Egg in the dye. This year make Easter more beautiful by decorating the Easter eggs with different latest techniques.

Here are all the designs that are easy to make and inexpensive to create, and you will get their supplies easily from the supermarket and craft store.

Best Easter Eggs Ideas

Blackboard Eggs

Easter Eggs Ideas 2019

Cover the eggs with a chalkboard paint layer and let your chalk do the talking by writing small beautiful messages or also you can draw some patterns or pictures to make the egg look more astonishing. And that’s not it, if you want to change the pattern or message you can easily wash off the surface and again start the writing and drawing. This might be an interesting task for the children they will love to this, so also involve your children or siblings in creating this piece of art.

Have a Nice Day Eggs

Easter 2019 Eggs Images Ideas

This is a super easy as well as less time consuming way to make your eggs look happy. Simply dye the eggs in yellow colour and let it dry completely. After letting it dry, take a black marker and draw some funny or smiley faces on the egg shells. Let’s make your eggs to express your emotions and to make others happy too.

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Lazy Daisy Eggs

Lazy Dazy Easter Eggs 2019

Another pretty Easter egg idea is the Lazy Daisy Eggs. For this you have to dye the eggs at first with your favourite colours and then let it dry completely. Stick the stickers of the beautiful daisy and smooth it well with your fingers. Well, you might have flowers of your own choice so feel free and stick any of the flowers that you want.

Tattoo Eggs

Tatto Easter Eggs Ideas 2019 Images Download

If you are a fan of tattoos then it is really hard for you to not fall in love with this cool, no-dye Easter eggs ideas. Well, it’s obvious that you can’t engrave tattoo on the egg shells but you can easily get the fake tattoos same as you get for your own skin. If you want to try something new, then you can try amazing and eye-catching tattoos of superheroes, spiders and much more.

Moustache Eggs

Moustache Easter Eggs 2019 Ideas

This is one of the cutest Easter egg ideas which will definitely bring smile on your faces. It is very easy and simple to make, you just have to dye your eggs in preferable colours that you want. Let it dry and after that draw fun facial hair onto the egg shell surfaces with the help of a marker such as a handlebar moustache. Also nowadays fake moustaches and moustaches stickers are easily available so just stick on the egg shell to make it more realistic.

Bluebird Egg

Bluebird Easter Egg Ideas 2019

Display the egg in a little nest or on a bed of grass and make your egg look like a bird. For this you have to dye your eggs in the blue colour and let it dry completely. Cut a wing from printed paper and stick it to one side of the egg that you want to display. Cut a small triangle from a yellow card to create the beak of the bird and stick it to the one end of the egg. Let it dry and then draw a small eye of the bird and here’s your Bluebird Egg is completed.

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