Top 5 Gift Card Exchanges Where You Can Sell You Gift Cards!

Top 5 Gift Card Exchanges Where You Can Sell You Gift Cards

     Gift Cards are used widely nowadays. They have become the best alternative for the physical gifts which we used to give to people a few years back. Using gift cards people can you show anything in which they want on their own. However, there are cases where gift cards go unused. Many people don’t like to shop too many things and waste their money unnecessarily. They world brother like having cash. If you’re looking for a way to convert your gift card into potential cash then you can directly sell your gift card on some famous gift card exchanges. They are certain gift card exchanges which allows you to sell gift cards on their platform. Below are the best gift card exchanges where you can sell your gift cards easily.

Best Gift Card Exchanges

1. Cardpool

Cardpool is one of the most famous and valuable gift card exchange where you can sell your gift cards for real cash. You can expect up to 92% and cash for your gift card. For selling your gift cards, you can directly go to the Cardpool website and list down the company gift card which you have. Consequently, you will receive an adequate offer for your gift card. Once you have accepted the offer, you will have to send the details of a gift card to them. Thereafter, you will get your cash in one Business day.

2. Gift Card Granny

Gift card granny is another top-rated gift card exchange way you can sell your gift cards of any company. However, decommission that this exchange takes from you as a better at 12%. You can sell gift cards from different companies like ABC News and NBC. There are no charges for listing the gift card on the website. However, you have to pay the commission once the gift card gets sold. Moreover, the payment methods are quite convenient. You can take payment via deposit or Paypal.

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3. Coinstar Exchange

Coinstar exchange is one amazing service provider which gives you cash instantly for your gift cards. You can find a Coinstar kiosk at your nearest grocery store. You just need to deposit your gift card in the machine and accept the offer. However, the commission charges for giving cash instantly is a bit high. Still, it is an amazing option for those who are looking for getting rid of the gift cards instantly. The kiosk generates about you as soon as you accept the offer, which you can redeem as cash.

4. CardCash

This is an amazing website which allows you to sell your gift cards as well as the exchange rate with other gift card options. In case you want to sell your gift card you have to fill up a small form. Moreover, the website allows you to sell gift cards which a partially used. Once your gift card is approved by the checking team, you get the payment via direct deposit or Paypal. However, checking can take up to 1 to 2 business days. Hence, it is a bit slow compared to other gift card selling websites and exchanges.

5. Monster Gift Cards

Monster gift cards is another popular website for selling your gift cards. We have listed monster gift cards in a list of best gift card exchanges because of its top user ratings. The team behind this website is extremely professional and checks your gift card thoroughly before Approving it. Hence, you must check all the details while filling up the form twice. The minimum gift card value should be $10. You can sell gift cards worth $200 or more by applying from a different high-value form. The commission rates for selling the gift cards is nominal and decent enough.

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