Top 5 Best Worth Watching Hollywood Movies!

  If you are a Hollywood Movies fan then this list is for you. Here we are about to share the Top 5 Best Hollywood worth watching Hollywood movies. You all can read this full article and you’ll know the best classic Hollywood Movie to watch out. Also, we would like to make this list different than the other websites or articles. You all can get all the information of best Hollywood films of the last two decades. The collection is quite good and you all are going to love it.

The Shawshank Redemption-

If you are a fan of suspense thriller movies then you all should know that “The Shawshank Redemption” is one of them. You all should know that it is a movie about crime, suspense, thriller, and drama. It is a story of a banker getting poisoned in the case of the murder of his wife. We are sure that you all are going to love the Hollywood suspense thriller movie The Shawshank Redemption is a good picture film to watch out at the box office.


Yes! You are reading it right, Heat is a must watch thriller cum chase movie. The directional work is quite amazing in the movie and the casting, acting and production work is superb in the movie. The movie got everything and the screenplay was also superb in Heat. A successful career criminal considers getting out of the business after one last score, while an obsessive cop desperately tries to put him behind bars in this intelligent thriller written and directed by Michael Mann.

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Forrest Gump-

We have seen various biographical movies but “Forrest Gump” is funny, emotional, dramatically rich, and simple store. We think that the characters are very amazing in this movie and the screenplay is really good in the movie. You all should know that Forrest Gump is an Oscar-winning movie featuring Tom Hanks in the lead role. This movie is very interesting and you can’t forget it anyway.

Pulp Fiction-

I’ve just watched this movie and I am amazed. Quentin Tarantino did great work in this movie with directional and writing was also superb in the movie. Overall, if you haven’t watched “Pulp Fiction” then you all should know that it is a great film. You all are going to see the story of 2 Hitman, 1 boxer and the Gang leader and his wife’s life in this movie. Overall, the movie is really going to make you think and it isn’t a suspense thriller. You can take it is a play and you’ll love it.

Into The Wild-

We think that this movie will teach the importance of life and most importantly the meaning of nature. Christopher McCandless leaves his family and luxurious city life after graduation and leaves for his journey to Alaska.  Overall, how this whole journey ends up for him and what he learned through this whole experience is amazing. The storyline is gripping and the content is really good in the movie. These all above-mentioned Hollywood movies are great and must watch.

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