Top 10 Weird Characters In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red dead redemption 2 is one of the best games of Rockstar. It has gained a lot of popularity since it was launched in 2018. The players must be aware of the fact that the game offers a wide range of characters. From the vampire to the time traveler, Red dead redemption 2 is full of colorful characters. We have come up with the list of top 10 weird characters in Red dead redemption 2. We are also going to tell you why does the time traveler top the list of top 10 weird characters of Red dead redemption. So let’s start with the character details.

Top 10 Weird Characters of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

1. The Gunsmith owner in Rhodes

Overall, this character seems to be a bit disturbing. It seems that a merchant has kidnapped a grown-up adult and has drugged him like a small boy. However, the motive behind doing this is quite sad.

2. The Vampire

You might some miscellaneous writings in Saint-Denis. When you connect all the writings, it forms the structure of a star. This star points at the town Church where you will find someone who bears a resemblance to Nosferatu.

3. The Feral Man

This character of Red dead redemption 2 can be spotted on the way to Roanoke valley. The character will howl and gather a pack of wolves if it sees you first. One can find a diary that has his life story in the cave near the river.

4. The couple

In Scarlett Meadows, you will come across a couple who will invite you for dinner. However, later you will realize that they are brother and sister. Their ultimate motive is to rob and kill you. Hence, you must be aware of this character.

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5. The Inbred Man

This is one character that plays banjo and minds his own business. Butcher’s creek is where you will find this character along with some other unnerving characters.

6. The Devil

The devil can be found in the stretch of caves located off the west coast of a hanging dog ranch. You will find him speaking slowly that he wants to be a devil.

7. The king of Forest

You will come across a hermit living in the forest north of Annenberg. He lives in the tree and is completely harmless. However, he claims to be the king of the forest.

8. The night folk

The character can be found in the swamps of Bayou NWA. They change you in order to eat you like a typical zombie. Moreover, they are a zombie in nature other than the name.

9. The Braithwaite Girl

You will find a girl who is simile left to die in the wooden cabin near Braithwaite mansions. The player will later find that the character is pulled out of her hair and is much into herself.

10. The Time Traveller

Francis Sinclair doesn’t fit into the world of realistic Red dead redemption 2 characters. It is unlike most other characters. The character has a strange birthmark. He will give you a number of missions and then transform into a woman with a baby having the same birthmark.

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