These Are The Top Six Essential Google Cardboard Apps!

             Google cardboard is one of the most sold VR devices. We saw the new virtual reality devices when OnePlus and Google rolled out their specific models. Google Cardboard is the cheapest VR readily became popular. Everyone wanted to taste the new technology and how it feels to live in a virtual world. You just need to place the device in front of your eyes and connect it to your smartphone. However, you must have some essential Google Cardboard apps installed on your device to enjoy the features to the fullest. We have listed down the best Google Cardboard apps which you must try out on your VR device.

Best Google Cardboard Apps

1. Cardboard Theatre

This is pretty much the most essential Google Cardboard App which you must install as soon as you receive your VR device. The Cardboard theatre is a unique media player which will help you in running both 2D and 3D movies on your Google Cardboard. Moreover, it supports both 180 and 360-degree videos. The application has simple controls and is absolutely free to download. You can get it directly from the Google Play Store.

2. Google Cardboard App

This is the official application of Google Cardboard. This is the first app that you must download on your smartphone once you receive the VR. The basic function of this app is to explain to you the features of VR and introduce everything using demos. The demo will help you in getting the first experience of virtual reality. It has some sample videos and photos which you can play on the VR. Additionally, it also lists down all the files supported by the VR and installed on your device.

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3. YouTube

This is another amazing Google Cardboard App. Almost everyone has YouTube installed on their smartphones. However, if you don’t have it installed, do it right away. It is the most common platform which helps you is playing videos on your VR. YouTube is compatible with Google cardboard and there are some special videos on YouTube which will help you in getting the real experience and content of the VR. Moreover, you can watch 2D and 3D movies using this app.

4. Trinus Cardboard VR

This Google Cardboard App is particularly for those people who want to play games on their VR. It is very important for playing games. Almost every individual wants to experience gaming on his/her VR. You simply have to connect. the VR to your smartphone and PC. Connecting it to your Pc will give you better controls and Experience. Hence, you can play some amazing computer games on your Google Cardboard.

5. Full dive VR

You might be aware of the fact that virtual reality devices do not support all the file types present on the internet. There awesome specific file formats supported by the Google Cardboard. Hence, it is really annoying are times when you search for an application and then it doesn’t work. This is a boy you must have the full drive VR app on your device. This Google cardboard app will help you and filtering all the files and display only those file types which are supported by the Google Cardboard. It includes all major platforms like YouTube and many others.

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6. Cardboard Camera

Cardboard camera is another important Google cardboard app that you must have on your smartphone. This will ensure that your VR turns out to be even more interesting. The camera will help you in capturing the inner view of VR as well. The app will not be very fruitful at first because the camera doesn’t necessarily capture some amazing shots. However, with time it gets better. With every update, extra stability is seen in this app.

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