These Are The Top Best Battery Saver Apps Of All Times

These Are The Top Best Battery Saver Apps Of All Times

             Top Best Battery Saver Apps: Nowadays smartphones have been a great part of our life but its battery draining problem is something which could be one of the worst things that we experience about it.

Particularly if you are one of those who need to use the phone 24 hours every day, smartphones become a part of your life. But this battery draining problem might be problematic to you so in order to solve this issue, there are many Battery Saver Apps available online.

However, it might be difficult for you to choose the right one. If you are also one of them who is looking for the same then you are in the right place. If you want to know the top best Battery Saver Apps, then read the following article till the end as today we are going to provide you the list of top Battery Saver Apps. S, without wasting any time, let’s get started….

Power Battery

Power Battery offers you a full as well as the complete package of saving your battery more than any other battery saver app would ever offer. On the other hand, with Power Battery, you can also optimize your apps that cause battery draining, and at the same time, you can also know accurately how much time is left over before the phone turns off.

Power Battery also comprises of some specific features for the phones with Fast Charging feature such as discontinuing battery-draining apps while charging, displaying battery percentage on the screen together with the remaining charge time, Speed Mode that lets you fast charge the battery when it is less than 80%, as well as a great function named Trickle Mode let you upturn your battery life by dropping the charging input when battery is 100%.

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If you want you can also use the Android battery saver in order to categorize the applications that have the maximum power consumption rate in order to remove or stop them when you need to cover battery life on your own.

DU Battery Saver

If you are looking for the best battery saver apps with one of the most common applications in this field then you must head to DU Battery Saver.

DU Battery Saver offers you with several functions that help you to monitor your battery of the phone as well as to improve the performance of your phone such as One-Tap Battery Saver, Junk Cleaner, Phone Cooler, Battery Saver Widget for one-click optimization, as well as Super Long Standby Mode that lets you to have your phone on for the extended time possible.

On the other hand, DU Battery also has some additional functions that are related to security such as APP Protection along with Wi-Fi Security Inspection and much more.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is a free battery saver application that supports 28 languages and comes with a user-friendly interface. It is also specialized in saving your battery as well as to keep it healthy made by the famed Cheetah Mobile Inc. that has developed a Clean Master application.

This app is also developed for both Android and iOS and is free to download for both of the platforms. Battery Doctor helps to save your battery with just a tap of a finger that you can enhance the battery power by stopping the battery that is consumed by applications.

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Battery Doctor also lets you monitor the condition of the battery as per the App type. Some additional features of this simple yet powerful app comprise of several power-saving modes, precise battery-left time, brightness control as well as stopping the running apps while the screen is off.


Greenify is one of the must-have root applications and the reason behind this is that it offers you with a great number of choices in order to extend your battery life such as shutting down hungry applications with no background running services which guarantees not consuming battery or data, the capability to mute the sound of the applications’ notifications, as well as an analyzer in order to show you how much every app consumes the battery.

Battery Optimizer & Widget

Battery Optimizer & Widget is from Linpus technologies which help in boosting the performance of the smartphone by simply limiting the background apps, releasing up the memory as well as storage. The real-time stats produced by this App helps you to disable the battery draining apps as well as configure the necessary settings. Similar to internal storage, this battery saving app also scans the external storage as well as spots the blurred pictures along with duplicate photos for additional space improvement. The app on the other hand also provides internet data pack manager as well as provides on-screen data usage along with data left and helps to take necessary action.

Avast Battery Saver

This is a very effective battery saver app that is updated after considering the feedback carefully from users. The app now offers a single master switch in order to turn on/off the battery saving app. The smart technology logically calculates as well as displays the leftover battery life along with prompts you to take obligatory actions. In case if you don’t want to do manual settings, then you can also choose from pre-set battery-saving profiles while depending upon the environment. It is also popularly known as an anti-virus brand Avast and has yet again shown its determination with this amazing battery saving app.

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360 Battery Saver Plus

The app works round the clock in order to optimize the smartphone battery as well as to offer a 24-hour battery consumption report. The power-saving mode, on the other hand, analyses the running and idle apps along with notifying you of the unnecessary battery consuming apps. On top of that, the best feature of this battery saver app is that it also cuts down the battery charging time to a maximum level.


With the help of this article, we have provided you the list of top best battery saver apps in the market and have also discussed all briefly. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial and informative for you.

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