These Are The Best Solar Chargers Available In The Market

               Best Solar Chargers Available In The Market: Smartphones have been an incredible invention, but the limited battery life is very disappointing stuff for most people. Many people reading this article can relate to the fact that smartphones often drain out of battery when we require them the most. So what is the possible solution? There is not much that we can do on this front. Possibly, there are only fixes for this problem. One, carry a portable charger with you every time you leave the house. But what if the Portable Charger also drains out of battery? This is where the Solar Chargers come into play.

Sun is the most powerful source of energy known on this planet. It can turn out to be a savage for most people who are running out of battery during the daytime. Thankfully, solar chargers have been invented which will help you in generating sufficient power from the sun rays and use them to charge your device. You can buy a solar charger directly from the market and online retailing platforms. We have come up with the list of best solar chargers available in the market right now. So never get scared of low battery alerts again.

Best Solar Chargers

1. Bigblue 28W Solar Charger

Big Blue is one of the most powerful solar charger available in the market. It is not necessary and Ultraportable solar charging device, however, it delivers strongly when it comes to power. It has a strong 28W power output and can charge several devices simultaneously. The only major disadvantage of the charger is that it does not has a battery. Hence, the user will half to directly charge his device or-or use the solar energy to charge his portable battery for later uses. Besides, the solar panel of the charger is also quite big. You can purchase this device to adjust $60.

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2. Renogy 10W

It is one of the cheapest solar charger available in the market. It does not offer power storage, hence, you will have to Directly charge your device or your portable device. Renogy has sufficient power to charge your device in the traditional way. The device can output power and charger device in the same conventional time that your normal charger does. Hence, it becomes very favorable Because of the extremely low cost. The lowest version retails at just $24. However, the lower variant of this charger does not provide sufficient power to charge a device having a greater requirement.

3. Goal Zero Nomad 7

Gold zero is quite famous because of its quality solar charges and panels. It is one of the most durable solar charger available in the market because of its weather resistant coating. Nomad 7 is very favorable for charging smartphones, GPS devices, and other small devices which has a lower power requirement. In case you are looking for a high power generating solar charger, you can opt for Nomad 20. It can deliver at 20-watt power easily. The charger provides a USB and DC port.

4. Screen Foldable Charger

This is another amazing solar charger. It is mainly because of its light weight and high power output. The device has a foldable solar panel which increases the output. The 13W charger can easily charge your smartphones, iPads, and other smartphone accessories. There is a small stand behind the charger which makes it very favorable to stand against the sunlight. It has two USB ports which will help you and charging two devices simultaneously. Just like the other devices mentioned above, this device also doesn’t have any kind of power store and capacity. Hence, you will have to directly consume the power which is generated by the Solar panel.

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