These Are The Best Amazon Deals Of This Weekend

             Amazon is the largest online retailer which comes up with some amazing deals everyday. However, we have noticed that the weekend Amazon deals are better compared to those on weekdays. Weekends are practically the best part of the week when you can sleep without the need of setting the alarm clock. Wake app whenever you want and then set back at your home and shop at Amazon. There are some products which you must have with you and they often come on sale during the weekend. We have listed down Some Amazon Deals which you can consider to buy this weekend.

Some Amazing Amazon Deals

1. Under $60: DNA Testing Kit

A DNA kit is an amazing device which is currently on sale on Amazon. You can buy the kit for flat $40 off. It is the second best sale price that we have ever seen on this DNA kit. It is an amazing product and helps you in gene mapping. Moreover, the brand has over 10 million active kit customers. Hence, you can match your DNA sequence with other users as well. As the number of users in the database is huge, it will help you to find out if there are some lost relatives on the list. Therefore, you must surely avail this Amazon deal and check if your DNA sequence matches with someone.

2. Under $100: Instant Pot

Instant Pot is the new generation of the rice cooker and pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from Amazon at a discount price. It is the best automatic cooker which is available in today’s time. You just need to feed in the time and forget. Everything is done automatically. Hence, you don’t have to take tension like in the case of pressure cookers. It can also make frozen chicken within a fraction of time. The device is available at a discount of $10.

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3. Under $30: Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool mist humidifier is the best humidifier available on the Amazon website. You can practically use this device when the weather is cool and dry. Dry weather can give you some diseases like a cough. Hence, you can use this humidifier to bring up the humidity of your room. This device has got a number of awards because it is very effective and can increase the humidity of a room by almost 20%. Moreover, it is available in a number of colors and can run up to 12 hours without the need for a refill. It is available at a discount of $8.

4. Under $50: Instant camera

These cameras work so famously in the previous time. It can capture some instant shots and give you the images on hand. Capturing pictures on smartphones and uploading on Instagram is something very irrelevant because you uploaded and you forget it. But reading is instant cameras will take you back to the old time when you had physical pictures in your hand. Physical pictures always have a special place in memory. Hence, we recommend you to buy an instant camera and gift it to your children. They will love the physical pictures compared to those captured on the smartphone.

5. Under $15: Aromatherapy diffuser

If you want your home to smell like heaven and you don’t want to use the traditional candles and perfumes, you can try out the best aromatherapy diffuser which is currently available on Amazon. Additionally, it is listed down among the best Amazon deals currently. It has a large water reservoir which will last for a much greater time. It will naturally spread fragrance in your home and make you feel delighted. You can buy this aromatherapy diffuser from Amazon at a good discount this weekend.

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