These Are The 5 Best Toy Blast Alternatives Which You Must Try

                   Puzzle Games have become very famous because of easy gameplay. It is a perfect category of the game which people enjoy playing in their free time. There are many popular puzzle games available on the Google Play Store and other stores. However, choosing the best one out is quite difficult because of the similar gameplay and interface. Toy blast is one of the most famous puzzle games and we have come up with the list of best Toy Blast Alternatives. Go to the play store and get the best puzzle game on your smartphone. They are fun to play and have endless levels.

Best Toy Blast Alternatives

1. ToonBlast

ToonBlast is one of the best to blast alternatives. It is an amazing puzzle game which has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play store. You and downloaded easily on Android Smartphone and enjoy the endless levels. The gameplay is really simple and hardly takes a few minutes to understand. All you need to do as marks in the same molecules present on the screen so that they get reduced. Players are awarded every time they complete a level. There are cool cartoon characters which makes it even better. Additionally, there are a lot of booster packages available to enhance the gameplay.

2. Candy Fever

This is another amazing addition to the list of best to blast Alternatives. The game is all about candies and you will particularly like it if you love eating Candies. Get lost in the world of candies and enjoy the game. The game has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is listed in the list of top grossing games. It has 200 exciting levels which will entertain you like never before. The initial levels are very easy to clear but as you go through the difficulty level increase and you have to use a lot of brains to solve the puzzles.

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3. Pet Rescue Saga

This is the king of puzzle games because it has more than a hundred million downloads on the Google Play store which makes it one of the most downloaded puzzle games. There chocolate boxes in the game which has to be matched again and again. There are a lot of levels which you have to clear in order to complete the game. You word problem related for a few weeks to do so. The end levels are typically difficult to play. Hence, you will have to get used to the game.

4. Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy crush jelly Saga is one of the most popular puzzle games which we will find every other person playing. This is a particular game which people love to play while travelling and while they are free. The game went viral when it was launched and millions of players downloaded it and enjoyed the simple gameplay. The number of levels and the game were gradually increased and now you will have to spend months in order to complete this game. The gameplay is very interesting and you will not find much difficulty while playing it.

5. Candy crush soda saga

Candy crush soda Saga is completely similar to the previous game. The only differences that you will find soda bottles instead of candies in the game. The gameplay is also completely the same and you can enjoy it after having completed the previous game. It has a lot of levels which has to be completed. There are more than 3000 levels and you will surely take a lot of time to complete them. Get ready to enjoy these puzzle games. Play all the games if you have the time and capacity to clear them easily. It requires a bit of focus.

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