These Are The 5 Best Survival Games For PC 2019

                 Best Survival Games For PC: The survival games are currently in the Trent are among the ones with the highest fan base. There is no doubt that the survival games are adventurous and includes a lot of rafting and other wild features. It is a ban on the best ways to check out your survival skills. There are plenty of survival games available for PC. We have come up with an entire list of best survival games for PC which you can consider downloading and enjoying. Here are some of our favorite pics which you can play on your PC.

Best Survival Games For PC

1. Raft

As the name suggests, this is not any ordinary survival game. The concept is really amazing and it is very challenging. Its age of perfect game for all the players who love challenges and extreme environments. In this game, you will be present on a raft, which will be your primary base. The player has to build his base and look for fresh food and water as well. There are many risk factors like sharks which can attack you anytime. Hence, you must be aware of the surrounding and take care of all the necessary items which are needed for survival. It is available for download on PC and you can get it on steam.

2. Ark: Survival Involved

After having survived on the raft, it is time to fight against the dinosaurs. Zombies and dinosaurs are the typical things that are found in the survival game. The graphics of the game is really good and you have to survive till the end until all the dinosaurs are dead. It is a very fascinating game which offers a lot of features. It is even more fun when you play it on PC. So Quest against the dinosaurs and survive if you can. Ark survival was recently published in 2017 and is available for PC.

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3. Minecraft

Minecraft is one game which we can never forget while making the list of best survival games for PC. It is particularly the number one choice of a Survival game for most players. The game is mysteriously filled with monsters who are hungry to tear apart. The best thing about this game is that it allows you to make your own base and weapons. It is certainly one feature which makes it unique and different from all the other survival games. The game is not free and you will have to pay one-time fees in order to download it on your PC.

4. Terraria

Terraria is quite similar to Minecraft in terms of gameplay. It is considered to be one of the best alternatives of Minecraft. It can be downloaded and played easily on the PC. You are dropped on an anonymous place where you have to collect items and other resources in order to build your base and weapons. Then, you have to survive against the adverse conditions which are provided in the game. It is one of the best survival games and this is the reason why we have put it on our list.

5. Rust

Survival games are simply those games which put you and adverse condition to test your skills. Rust is the last addition to our list of best survival games for PC. It is one of the most famous games which introduces you to a series of wild animals. The player has to kill all these wild animals in order to get his food for surviving. The player must also build his own base in order to seek protection from the enemies. It is available for download on PC and you can easily do so from steam.

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