These Are The 5 Best Superhero Games Which You Must Play

              5 Best Superhero Games: Superheroes are always much more popular than the villains and are even more powerful. There are thousands of superhero games available on the internet. But it is practically not possible to play each and every game and find out the best one. Hence, we have come up with a list of best superhero games which involves Spiderman as well as Batman. These are among the Most Powerful Superhero Games built for smartphones. We have got some of the best games consisting of Marvel characters which are really popular among people of all age groups. Hence, these are must-have superhero games.

Best Superhero Games

1. Infamous 2

Infamous 2 is a very popular open-world superhero game which is available for both Smartphones and PC users. The unique thing about this game is that it allows you to be both a superhero and a villain. It is one of the few rare games which incorporates the karma theory. If you become a superhero in the game, you will have a lot of friends and the civilians will support you. On the other hand, you will have no friends if you become a villain in infamous 2. Hence, you will have to choose the character wisely before starting the game.

2. Batman Arkham City

This is particularly the best superhero game that has been launched for the Android platform. Imagine a superhero game that has served as an inspiration to its peers and competitors. Batman Arkham City is a completely unique game which has changed the landscape of superhero games since it was launched. Hence, you must try out this game if you haven’t downloaded it yet on your device. Arkham Knight is the modern version of the city which has some more features and 90% more batmobile. You can officially download this game from the Google Play Store App Store.

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3. Injustice 2

The list of best superhero games is incomplete if we do not include injustice 2. The game has a very unique and amazing storyline and involves many Marvel characters. It is a perfect and imperfect game at the same time if we consider certain characters. For instance, Superman has been incorporated as a villain in injustice 2. The game content is very efficient and well written. Moreover, we have also created this as one of the best DC games. Besides, the realistic graphics make it even more pleasing for video game lovers.

4. Megaton Rainfall

This is is a complete virtual reality game and you must have a VR headset for playing megaton rainfall. The storyline is basic and you have to fly around the sky at super speed and save your planet from alien invasion. Moreover, the VR support makes the game look real and you get to control the flight in which you are flying across the city. It is a kind of FPS game which involves a lot of fighting and strategies to eradicate the aliens who are trying to invade your planet. Hence, you must consider playing this best superhero game.

5. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

This is surely a superhero game but is somewhat different from other games. Lego Marvel is not a hardcore superhero game which involves a serious play time. Rather, it is fun to play this game and you will enjoy and laugh at times. This is considered to be entry-level superhero games which are suitable for children to play. The different Marvel characters available in the game makes it even more favorable for children and teenagers. It is an easy game which can be played by anyone without focusing much on strategies. Hence, it is a perfect superhero game for immature gamers.

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