These Are The 5 Best Skype Alternatives For Personal And Business Purposes

Best Skype Alternatives: Skype has remained as an undisputed leader in the video calling and conferencing segment on the internet. It is one of the first applications to launch the video call service. However, people are looking for the best Skype alternatives with the changing time. Diversification and adaption to new technology is primary consumer behavior. So are you looking for the best Skype alternatives? There are possibly thousands of applications which will help you in making video calls and even video conferences. We have listed down all such applications below in our list of best Skype-like apps.

Best Skype Alternatives

1. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is a very popular platform which you might have used at least once in your lifetime either directly or indirectly. It is one of the best platforms to make video calls and conferences. This is basically an application which is used for business purposes. You will have to pay an annual fee for using this platform. However, the application is worth every single penny that you pay for it. This is because it is much more than a video calling app. You can and keep business meetings, conferences, seminars, and courses on this platform without spending much.

2. Zoom

Zoom is another am using skype alternative which has been specially designed for business and enterprise use. It has different kinds of features which enable the users to conduct a live seminar or classroom program. For instance, there is a blackboard and video board feature in zoom. Moreover, more than a thousand participants and 10,000 viewers can interact with you at a single time. Moreover, the pricing list of this application is also very attractive because it varies depending upon the type of activities you want to undertake on this application.

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3. FaceTime

If you are looking for the best Skype alternative for personal use only, FaceTime is a great choice. FaceTime is one of the most powerful video calling application available for the iPhone and other iOS users. The only downside of using this application is that you can connect with only those people who have Apple devices. However, it allows a number of users to join at a single time. Hence, if your entire friend circle all family are Apple users, new all are going to have a great time. The best part is that it is absolutely free to use and you do not have to pay anything.

5. WhatsApp

It is not really necessary to mention WhatsApp when we are talking about the best video calling applications. It is already one of the most famous videos calling application for personal use. The service is absolutely free of cost and the video quality is also amazing. Besides, then the best thing about WhatsApp video call is that you can connect with anyone across any platform, irrespective of Android or iOS. WhatsApp is the most famous social media application and has the largest user base, even if you compared some other applications combine. Hence, the potential reach of the video call is amazing.

5. IMO

IMO is also a very popular video calling application. You can make free video calls across the world using this great application. However, it is a relatively new app and is becoming famous because of the great video quality that it offers. Some people also claim that the video quality offered by IMO is better than WhatsApp. Hence, you can try out this application if you are looking for the best Skype alternative for personal use. The applications mentioned above can be used for business purposes by paying a small amount of money. This sums up the entire list.

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