These Are The 5 Best Restaurant Reservation Apps For Android & iOS!

             Restaurants are probably one of the best places to chill out and spend quality time with your friends or family. There might be instances when you don’t feel like looking at your home and then suddenly make a plan to go out and have dinner in the restaurant. Having food at the restaurant is a delightful experience for both families and friends and people love to visit there quite often. However, with the growing uptrend of outsourcing and eating food and restaurant, availability of seat is a concern. Hence, you must use restaurant reservation apps for dealing with this problem.

You might not find a single seat in any restaurant across your city during the popular holiday season. It becomes really annoying when you have already made your mind of eating food at the restaurant and then returning back home without doing so. There are multiple restaurant reservation apps which will help you in booking or reserve Bank your table before you visit them. Hence, this will ensure that you spend quality time and eat quality food without any trouble. Below is the list of best restaurant reservation apps for Android and iOS.

Best Restaurant Reservation Apps

1. OpenTable

OpenTable is undoubtedly the best restaurant reservation app which is popular across the world for its fast and best service. The service of this application is available in various countries like the United States, kingdoms, Germany, and many others. Moreover, you get the option to select from around 50,000 restaurants across the world. OpenTable is the most famous restaurant reservation app which will help you to book your table before you reach the restaurant.

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2. Yelp

Yelp is an application which is mostly used by the people to check out the glimpse of a restaurant and find out the reviews. However, many users are not aware of the fact that they can reserve the table using this application. Hence, this is another great restaurant reservation app which is available on both the Android and IOS platform. You can use this application with a huge restaurant database to book high rated restaurants.

3. AllSet

AllSet is an amazing restaurant reservation app which is much more then what the term signifies. It is basically an all in one online application which will help you in booking your table and ordering food at the same time if you want to do so. Moreover, you can order food while you are traveling to restaurants and even prepay the bill amount. Hence, you are done with all the formalities even before you reach the restaurant. Therefore, you will get much more time to spend with your loved ones.

4. Bigfish

Bigfish is another amazing restaurant reservation app which can be used in a number of ways. You can book almost all the famous restaurants in your city using this amazing application. Moreover, this app is very famous because of the automatic discount that you get while booking or reserving a table at any hotel. There are instances when you get up to 50% discount on reserving restaurant tables. Additionally, there is no need to search for the offers because the discount is automatically applied to the bill when you are playing. You just need to show the bell and reservation receipt to the restaurant.

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5. Tock

There are instances when some restaurants with really good food get hidden somewhere between the Big five Star restaurants. Tock list down all search less popular restaurants with amazing food on its platform. Hence, if you are willing to compromise the brand name and check out different restaurant, Tock is the only preferred restaurant reservation app. Hence, you must have this application installed on your smartphone.

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