The US-China Cold War Intensifies Over Extradition Issues

The US-China Cold War Intensifies Over Extradition Issues

   The atmosphere between the United States and China intensifies with the arrest of a Canadian citizen on unknown grounds. Two Canadian nationals named, Micheal Kovrig and Micheal Spavor were arrested by the China state security board unjustly.

This has intensified the tension between the United States and China once again. If we look deep down into the reason for arresting the two Canadian nationals, we can easily find the connection with the Huawei case. The move seems to be political and unjust.

Earlier this year, Donald Trump government issued a number of sanctions on China. In response to this, China too issued some sanctions on the goods imported from the United States. This was the beginning of a massive trade war between the two most powerful blocks in the world. A series of events rolled in, thereafter, which further intensified this trade war between the two power blocks.

For instance, the US sanction on Iran oil export played a major role. China is the largest importer of crude oil from Iran. Hence, the situation worsened with time. This undeclared trade war turned even ugly when the United States and Canada detained the chief financial officer of the China-based Tech giant, Huawei.  Meng Wenzhou’s detention was a major turning point in this entire scenario.

She was arrested on Grounds of sanctions violation in Canada. Us department is investigating this case. The detention of Meng triggered an immediate response from the government of China. The external affairs ministry of China warned the United States to release the CFO of Huawei immediately or face consequences. This officially triggered an intense political war between the two most powerful blocks.

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Democratic vs Communist

In response to this detention, China arrested two Canadian nationals without giving any justification. This shows the hatred and unjust political move by China. Meng was presented in front of the court and is on bail right now. She is living in Vancouver for the court proceedings. This shows the democratic side of the United States. However, what happened in China was completely unjust and unethical.

Both the citizens of Canada detained without giving any reason. Moreover, they were not even presented in front of any court. This shows the political scenario of China. The Xi Jinping led communist government shows how unjust they can be an absence of democracy. The do Canadian nationals were straight away sent to a hundred days custody.

The Canadian officials clearly mentioned that all the cases will be under the court and will proceed legally. However, the ugly undemocratic face of China, in this case, has blown the basis of Justice. China claimed that the United States trying to hamper its growth by hurting IT companies, which are a tough competition to them.

The dirty politics between two nation is hampering the world economy at the whole. We are back to the Cold War time. The entire scenario shows how the competition to rank first, leaves behind all justice and independence. This is a matter of great concern and leaves the United States in a confused post

Meanwhile, Australia and Japan have accused Huawei technologies over privacy concern. Hence, China is becoming a very big threat to Global privacy. The communist government has all the right to make and break law. This is the reason why the United State and allies are concerned about the rapid growth of China. If China becomes more powerful, they will become a possible threat to Global Security. Hence, the United States wants to give a tough competition to China. If these situations continue to build up, we will find ourselves amidst the next World War.

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