The Lego Movie 2: Franchise Ending With Box Office Failure

            Jason Bloom was likely to make some news this week as he confirmed that there would be no future cinematic installments. This is either for either Sinister or Happy Death Day. Both the franchise are suffering from the same fate in that as their sequels were able to gross Quite a bit less than their predecessors. Sinister earned $48 million domestic and $77 million worldwide from a $3 million budget in 2012.

While Sinister 2 earned just $27 million domestic and around 52 million with just a budget of $10 million. Ditto Happy Death Day, which was a debut film that earned around $27 million and  $55m domestic total and a $115m cume on a $5m budget. Surprisingly a $13m Fri-Sun launch, a $26m total and a $61m cume on a $9m budget. Though both the films were profitable, but still we can’t ignore that kind of downturn.

Box Office Collection of Predecessors

While Warner Bros. is seeming to see a pretty slate in the year 2019 though they suffered a quite big casualty right off the bat. Despite all the strong reviews and highly loved predecessors the sequel  The Lego Movie 2 was just able to make the collection of only $97.1 million domestically and 164 million worldwide, This was made possible within a month after coming to theatres.

It still has China (March 22), Australia (March 28) and Japan (March 29) left to go and there obviously it is going to gross more on the board. Supposedly it is going to hit more in China in two weeks. But The LEGO Movie didn’t even play there in 2014 and The LEGO Batman Movie made just $6m there.

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As of the present moment, the animated sequels going to sum up its gross in around less than the double of this budget $99 million. This is surely an indication we’ve probably seen the end of the LEGO theatrical movies for a while. The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago movie have just diluted the brand.

But still, the audience realised there was not much difference between the  theatrical Lego movie and 19 direct DVD movies. The LEGO Ninjago Movie didn’t just bomb in late 2017, it made noticeably less. The score was quite less than the movie Storkes which was able to gross around $75 million.

Warner Bros. Reliant over No Franchise

The good news is that Warner Brothers are having hopes from the Lego franchise as one of their key IP offerings. The major key IP offerings are alongside J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and DC Films. It is also a good thing because the Fantastic Beast is not hitting the presumptive November of 2020 release date. Crimes of Grindelwald was a franchise imperilic artist botch. WC is not even reliant to the DC films and it is a good news.

DC Films is maybe one movie away from explicitly changing the narrative. After scoring with A Star Is Born, Crazy Rich Asians, The Meg and Ready Player One, the studio is less reliant on any explicit conventional IP than they used to few years ago. This is already among the people and also I expect good-to-great things from Shazam, Detective Pikachu and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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