The Evolution Of Voice Marketing And What It Means For Branding

           Technology is always under the radar of revolution and things change very quickly. Digital marketing and other marketing strategies should also evolve along with the technology in order to maintain the pace. The marketers must be well aware of the latest trends and technologies and even future technology which is going to rule the marketing industry. Voice Marketing is the leading technology and the most effective way of marketing products and services in this era of revolution. Multiple researchers have supported the fact that voice marketing is the most effective way of marketing around the World currently.

Voice Marketing Statistics

Researchers believe that voice marketing is the most effective way of driving sales. The number of devices providing voice assistance is growing day by day. Hence, the base of people to whom this service is reaching is also on a constant rise. Studies believe that voice communication with the people can help them to become potential customers of the company with a success ratio which is much more than the other marketing tools. Customers also call a business in order to verify if everything is good or not.

Technological Evolution

A number of software are developed by the companies which are capable of communicating naturally with the customers. These software are so brilliantly made that an individual will not even be able to distinguish between human and the software calls. Artificial intelligence is a very important role in the evolution of voice communication. It helps in communicating effectively with the customers are understanding their needs. Moreover, the artificial intelligent devices are capable of responding effectively to all the queries and questions of the customer.

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Google Voice Search

Google was one of the first technology company to come up with a voice search engine. The Google voice aloud customers to interact with the voice assistant and get their answers over voice. It is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which makes it user-friendly. You can literally ask for any question and get answered immediately.  Hence, this application played a very important role in the evolution of voice search technology. It was launched officially for the public in 2008.


Google Assistant was followed by Siri which was released by Apple in 2013. Siri was another artificial intelligence software which could respond to the customers efficiently. The tool was inspired by machine learning and used cloud service in order to provide the service faster.

Power Of Voice

Voice is going to be the best and most effective marketing and sales method. Customers preferred chatting with their voice assistant and order food or other things online. For instance, people would love to order pizza from their favourite restaurant by simply commanding Alexa. This is going to be converted into reality because Dominos is aggressively working on voice recognition front in order to accept orders via voice commands. Many other companies and big Tech firms developing softwares for their clients in order to accept orders and boost voice marketing.

Another amazing feature of voice is that artificial intelligence robots can be used by the companies to respond to the queries of the customers. The softwares will be effective enough to service customer care agents. Hence, companies would save a lot of money by cutting the employees cost. Moreover, customers will also get faster service and better experience. This is why we recommend all the marketers to get upgraded to this technology and be prepared with their strategies. In a few years time, we would completely switch over to voice marketing and devices like Google home and Alexa will take the lead. Hence, the strategies should be framed from today itself.

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