Snaptube vs Vidmate vs Tubemate: Which Is Better? Detailed Comparison!

  Streaming videos online are one of the favorite things people do for recreational purposes. However, most people like Downloading videos to watch them later without the use of the internet. When it comes to YouTube, most people think that it is not possible to Download Videos. However, if you have heard about YouTube Downloaders then there are three names dominant in the market, namely vidmate snaptube and TubeMate. So which one HD is best among these three? Let’s find it out. In this post, we will compare Vidmate vs Snaptube vs Tubemate.

No doubt, all three YouTube downloaders are great. They serve the same purpose of downloading videos from YouTube. However, there are certain differences that make each one of them stand apart from each other. In this post, we have compared snaptube vs vidmate vs TubeMate.

All these YouTube downloader best and have unique features like an inbuilt MP3 converter and file manager. As a whole, they have the same Features. As all Features are same, there is a little to compare between snaptube, TubeMate, and vidmate. So let’s see.

Snaptube vs Vidmate vs TubeMate: Which one is better?

Speed Test

We compared all the three YouTube downloaders. While downloading videos from YouTube speed is what matters most. So we try to find out the network speed provided by each app. In all tests, we found that vidmate outperformed the other two Apps, in downloading speed. We tried downloading A 60 MB video, connected to the same network connection on all three apps.

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User Configuration

While comparing vidmate, snaptube and TubeMate, it is very important to take user configuration in consideration. The ease of use in the app makes one go ahead of the other. all the three apps provide a backend space to configure the settings of download and MP3 conversion. Once again, Vidmate won the test because of this simple and speedy software.


All the three YouTube downloaders display ads while downloading videos. These ads are annoying and often flash in between. However, you can buy the premium version of these have to avoid the ads. in this test to be found out that TubeMate shows the least number of ads in a particular time period. Therefore, if you are looking for something which doesn’t know you much then TubeMate is the one for you.

MP3 Conversion

All three YouTube downloaders allow you to convert the videos into MP3 format. But the factors we should keep in mind while comparing on the basis of MP3 conversion is the Converted soundtrack quality and the conversion speed. While comparing the three YouTube downloaders, we found out that vidmate produced the best output along with the best conversion speed.

File manager

All the three YouTube downloaders have an inbuilt File Manager which allows you to manage all the downloaded videos and converted music files. Comparing the ease of finding files in those managers is what matters. It was vidmate, which again won the test. The user-friendly interface of the vidmate app is really smooth and easy to go. This really makes file location very easy. The vidmate app also provides the option to search and filter the videos in order to find files quickly.

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Vidmate vs Snaptube vs TubeMate: Verdict

To summarize, vidmate remains a better choice as the best YouTube downloader having the best download speed. However, it doesn’t really matter because the main purpose is being fulfilled by all three apps. If download speed is your concern then surely you should go for Vidmate. Other than download speed and the MP3 output quality all other features and things are same.

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