Shock Collars: Top 8 Things You Need To Know About

  Shock Collars are nowadays being used widely to train the dog. Are you sick because of your dog? Does your dog bark too much? You should use a shock collar to make him understand your instructions clearly. Shock collars are not meant to punish dogs, rather they are used to train the dogs. With the help of this, you can also teach your dog to stay within a boundary limit. However, before using the shock collar you must read the instructions given in its manual clearly.

The shock collars are used to gain the attention of your dog when it gets out of control. There are many other electronic devices available in the market to train dogs. However, shock collars give you a better command over the dog. You can also adjust the intensity of shock. Looking for the best shock collar? Here is all you need to know before buying a shock collar.

Shock Collars: All you need to know

Adjust Intensity

All the latest shock collars in the market allow you to adjust the intensity of shock, according to the behavior of your dog. Additionally, they also have a feature of beeping before giving the actual shock. This helps to gain the attention of a dog before a shock is passed. Mild shocks favorable for small puppies and dogs who are moderately playful. If your dog is quite insincere, a strong shock is required to train.

2. Pocket-Friendly

Shock collars ka friendly to your pocket. It ranges from $25 to $200, depending upon the features that have. There are various optional features like remote, warning beep etc. Which adds up to the cost. Price also varies depending upon the range of remote control you select. However, the sum at which it is available is nothing in front of the features it gives you.

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3. Prompt Results

Shock collars all the most famous and widely used mode to train dogs. The results of this method are quick and faster than most other methods. The best part is that you can use it to train your dog all by yourself, without the need of a trainer. The shock will effectively train a dog.

4. Control them even from a distance

You can I control the chronic working of your dog even when you are inside the house or somewhere at a distance, thanks to the remote control feature of shock collars. This feature is very effective if you have had a complaint from the neighbors about your dog barking continuously. Hence, control your dog even while you are on your bed or while watching your favorite TV show.

5. Shock

A majority of PET lovers do not like to hurt their pets. Most trainers believe in a positive reward training session rather than a negative one, like shock. Shock is somewhat not good for your dog. Hence, you should first consult your trainer. This is one of the major cons of a shock collar.

6. Over-Correction

Most automatic shock collars deliver a shock quite often, which causes a kind of fear in the dog. It delivers a shock even on the slightest bark. This can lead to a stage where your dog will completely mute himself for days. Hence, automatic shock collars are not recommended if you are not around.

7. Fear

Shock collars also have many negative impacts on your dog. It main causes a sensation of fear in your dog. This means that your dog will start being afraid of most humans and strangers. It might not even bark, and remain silent and sleep in a corner. When you take your dog on a walk, it will remain nervous and afraid of most things around it.

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