Samsung Galaxy Problems: How To Fix Galaxy S10 Plus Errors?

           Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Problems And Fixes: Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the latest and best smartphones released in 2019. It has amazing specifications and is a flagship model of the Korean company. This smartphone has a variant which offers up to 1 TB storage space. It is incredible to have a smartphone with a 1TB built-in storage space. However, even the top end models of many brands have some or the other issue. Similarly, there are certainly major issues which have been reported on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. We have listed down some possible fixes of these bugs below. Hence, you must check out if you are facing these problems on your device or not.

Many people have reported that there is a black screen problem on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Moreover, some other people have a complaint that they could find some moisture sensor error in the smartphone. This is a very critical issue because it has not been seen on any other smartphone to date. So let’s have a look at the possible fixes of these problems of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Why wait until Samsung Officially releases an update to solve these problems?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Common Problems & Fixes

1. The black screen of death issue

This is a common issue which has been seen on many smartphones in the recent past. When you dropped your smartphone or drop it inside the water, a black screen will appear and your device will not get started. Reportedly, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is suffering from this issue. It can be caused by several software problems which leads to the failure of hardware. Hence, the software that has to be reviewed and fixed by Samsung itself. Till then, we have some temporary fixes to this problem which is persistent on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Try any one of the following methods for getting rid of this error quickly.

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Fix 1: Force Restart

  • put your fingers on the volume down and power off button and press them for at least 10 seconds
  • This is the method of force restart your device and your device must react to this. If not, you should try another way to force restart.
  • Press and hold the volume down key for 5 seconds and then hold the volume down key simultaneously for another 10 seconds.
  • This is able to fix the problem in most cases.
  • If you still don’t see any changes in the device, charge your device for 10 minutes and then repeat the procedure.

2. Moisture Detected Error

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has an ip68 rating which certifies that the smartphone is dust resistant and you can keep the smartphone underwater for up to 30 minutes. Samsung has built in a moisture sensor in the USB port which warns the user. However, the smartphone is displaying this error on the device even when the device is not exposed to moisture of any kind.

Fix: Clean the Device

There is a chance that some moisture might have touched your device in your absence. Hence, you must consider cleaning the USB port with a cotton cloth. Besides, you should take out the SIM card tray and clean the SIM card. In case the SIM card seems to be sticky, clean it with a dry cloth and then reinsert it. The problem must have been solved.

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