Saint Bartholomew: Apostle Of Christ, His Life, Introduction To Jesus And Death

                Bartholomew Apostle Of Christ, His Life, Introduction To Jesus, Death: Apostle Bartholomew was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. This apostle of Christ was hardly mentioned in the scriptures.  He had great importance for Christ as he worked so much for the church. Christ has called him in the first place as well. He was sometimes also referred to as names Nathaniel that is a Hebrew name that means “God has given”.  This is quite common in the Bible as Jesus has given different attributes to different people. Phillip was the one who introduced Nathaniel to  Jesus. Phillip like Andrew seemed to have the tendency to bring people to Christ.

Introduction To Christ

As this was mentioned earlier that Bartholomew was introduced to Jesus by his friend Phillip. His initial reaction to Jesus was quite skeptical since he considered anyone from Nazareth as unfit for the work of God since it was one of those towns that were looked down upon by the Jews.

When Batholomew said some negative words from the place where Jesus had come from than Jesus replied “Here truly is an Israelite in whom there is no deceit” to which Nathaniel was amazed that how did he know him. Jesus answered and said that he saw him while he was sitting under a fig tree before Phillips reached him. Bartholomew then came to know about Jesus and said that Jesus is the son of God and the King of Israel. Jesus then said that he will see further things and there will be heaven open and angels of God will be ascending.

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About Bartholomew’s Life

Saint Bartholomew: Apostle Of Christ, His Life, Introduction To Jesus And Death

We know about his life from the Ecclesiastical history, it was then Bartholomew went on some missionary trips and he did some further trips than the other apostles. He traveled to India like one more apostle Thomas did. It was said that he left the place with the handwritten copy of the Gospel of Mathew which is quite interesting. It was written primarily to the Jews and contains at least seven different Old Testament prophecies. This one is specifically written about Jesus.

About Bartholomew’s Death

While he celebrated Christianity in Armenia he is then said to have martyred. But most of the biblical scholars revealed some other story saying that he was basically flayed to death by whips where was actually torn into shreds. Other than this there are no such stories which revealed the death of Bartholomew. Although from this we can imagine that his death involved a great deal of suffering as did the other apostle’s martyrdom. The exception was the Apostle John who just believed to have died of the natural causes.

Some Facts About Apostles

As we all know now that he was one of the twelve apostles. He came into the world to preach people the gospel with the whole world while he went to each direction. Since the apostles went to various different places we have confusion whether they ever discussed what place each of them should go. As there was no sense for several of them to go to the same places as they all had some different motives. While apostle John died a martyrs death.

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