Racing Dudes Fantasy League 2019 Official Teams, Rules And Draft Results

    The 6th Annual Dudes’ Triple Crown Fantasy League Draft is complete now and the results are in. Talking about this year, the association increases to 10 teams. In the last season league, there were originally six teams and this season four new players are added in this year league.

The new four teams included in this year’s season league are:

  • Mad Dog Sport’s “The Rap” host Patrick Meagher
  • Brandon “B$” Bauer
  • Paul “Free Beers” Withrow
  • The Fans: Austin Elsey and Aaron “Bones” Mattingly

Let’s have a look at the authorized rules of the league to know more about how the draft went down as well as the authorized line-ups for all six game performers.

2019 Racing Dudes Fantasy League: Rules

1. Counting Scores:

Horses will receive points for finishing the first, second, third, and beginning a race. Further down is the analysis of how to get points:

  • Kentucky Derby Prep Season Races and Japan/European Prep Races

Starting the race points: 1 point

Place: 10 points

Show points: 5 points

Winning points: 20 points

  • Kentucky Derby Championship Series

Starting the race points: 5 points

Place: 25 points

Show points: 10 points

Winning points: 50 points

  • Triple Crown Races

Starting the race points: 10 points

Place: 50 points

Show points: 25 points

Winning points: 100 points

  • Bonus Races: Oaklawn Invitational, Pat Day Mile, and Peter Pan Stakes

Starting the race points: 1 point

Place: 10 points

Show points: 5 points

Winning points: 20 points

2. Claim for horses

  • This is for the first time ever in the league that the teams can appeal for the horses every week. Players will have the facility to entitle horses each Monday. When everybody has a chance to put in entitles on Monday, fresh claims will be declared on Tuesday. In the occasion, if two or more persons are demanding to claim the same horse, a live video will be shown from the dictator.
  • Every single claim will charge you points. You don’t have to require points customary to create a claim. The claiming points charges are:
  • January claiming fee is 10 points
  • February claiming fee is 20 points
  • March claiming fee is 30 points
  • April claiming fee is 40 points
  • May claiming fee is 50 points
  • June claiming fee is 60 points
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3. Trades:

  • Trades are also permitted. Altogether trades essentially include an equivalent quantity of horses. Total teams must continually have five associates at all intervals.
  • Each trade required to be accepted from the chief in case of evident to-dos.

4. Prizes:

The winner of the contest will take $50 buy-in and also gets a chance to choose the clothing getup that the finisher who got the last place essentially dress on Day 2 of the 2019 Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita or any selected public occurrence. If the losing team doesn’t follow it then in that case the losing team cannot appear for the Breeders’ Cup.

2019 Racing Dudes Fantasy League: Teams and Contenders

Here are the names of all teams as well as contenders, so let’s have a look:

Ryan Stillman and Jon White

  1. Improbable
  2. Trophy Chaser
  3. Tale of the Union
  4. Network Effect
  5. War of Will

Mike “Saratoga Slim” Spector

  1. Federal Case
  2. Kingly
  3. Mind Control
  4. Instagrand
  5. Tight Ten

Aaron Halterman

  1. Mucho Gusto
  2. Bankit
  3. Cruel Intention
  4. Gunmetal Gray
  5. Long Range Toddy

The Magic Mike Team

  1. Moretti
  2. Mucho
  3. Arcaro
  4. Award Winner
  5. Plus Que Parfait

Dan “Wise Dan” Waite

  1. Maximum Mischief
  2. Bourbon War
  3. Mr. Money
  4. Uncle Benny
  5. Call Paul

The Fans: Austin and Bones

  1. Royal Marine
  2. Magic On Tap
  3. Lookin At Bikini’s
  4. Vekoma
  5. Complexity

Brandon “B$” Bauer

  1. Tacitus
  2. Lebron J
  3. King for a Day
  4. Coliseum
  5. Galilean

Patrick “Mad Dog” Meagher

  1. Signalman
  2. Knicks Go
  3. Rowayton
  4. Code of Honor
  5. Elvis

Jared Welch

  1. Kentucky Wildcat
  2. Gun It
  3. Fortin Hill
  4. Roadster
  5. Frosted Ice

Paul “Free Beer” Withrow

  1. Super Steed
  2. Game Winner
  3. Value Play
  4. US Navy Cross
  5. Cairo Cat
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2019 Racing Dudes Fantasy League: Draft Results

  1. Improbable
  2. Game Winner
  3. Maximum Mischief
  4. Coliseum
  5. Instagrand
  6. Mucho Gusto
  7. Vekoma
  8. Signalman
  9. Mucho
  10. Roadster
  11. Gun It
  12. Moretti
  13. Code of Honor
  14. Magic On Tap
  15. Gunmetal Gray
  16. Kingly
  17. Galilean
  18. Uncle Benny
  19. Super Steed
  20. Network Effect
  21. War of Will
  22. U.S. Navy Cross
  23. Mr. Money
  24. King for a Day
  25. Mind Control
  26. Long Range Toddy
  27. Lookin At Bikini’s
  28. Elvis
  29. Plus Que Parfait
  30. Fortin Hill
  31. Kentucky Wildcat
  32. Award Winner
  33. Knicks Go
  34. Royal Marine
  35. Bankit
  36. Federal Case
  37. Tacitus
  38. Bourbon War
  39. Value Play
  40. Trophy Chaser
  41. Tale of the Union
  42. Cairo Cat
  43. Call Paul
  44. Lebron J
  45. Tight Ten
  46. Cruel Intention
  47. Complexity
  48. Rowayton
  49. Arcaro
  50. Frosted Ice
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