Project xCloud: Everything You Need To Know About The Microsoft Game Streaming Service

               Project xCloud: Microsoft remains committed to offering various procedures of downloading the games on Xbox and PC. The company has made the games physically available using CD, digitally available using the various app stores and freely available using the Xbox gold pass. However, Microsoft is now working on a new project to make games even more attractive. Microsoft’s Project xCloud is going to change the way we download and play games. It will make gaming available for everyone irrespective of the device he is using. It doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone, Xbox or PC.

What is Project xCloud?

Project xCloud is Microsoft’s flagship project which will make gaming easily accessible on any device that you want. The games can be played on any platform without physically downloading them on the PC or console. This is similar to Google stadia. Microsoft is not the first company to launch this service, Google and several other companies are already offering it.

It is a project using which Microsoft will allow you to stream games directly from their servers. This is not meant to replace the disk-based or digital-based games. It is just a method to make high and console games available to everyone. Using Project xCloud, any user having any kind of PC or device can connect to the Microsoft server works and enjoy the games without even downloading them on the device. The game will be running officially on the server itself and you will only be streaming get on your device. Hence, you need not have a high-end device for running those games.

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This is a great Technology and is very useful for those people who cannot forward a high-end gaming PC or Xbox. Until now, such people have been missing out on the big games. However, Project xCloud will bring all these people to the mainstream by allowing them to stream the games available for Xbox and PC directly on their device, from the Microsoft servers.

How will Project xCloud Work?


Does Microsoft streaming project will use the Microsoft Azure data centres and use their hardware. It will help the users to connect to these devices directly using the internet. You can select the device of your own choice. This hardware is as powerful as 4 Xbox One. Hence, the games will already be made available on these devices and all you need to do is stream the game directly on your device using the internet. It is completely similar to Google Stadia.

In simple language, you will be playing the game on the flagship Microsoft Azure hardware. The game will only be shown and controlled on your remote device. This is an exclusive project which will increase the base of gaming here and there will be no need to purchase high-end gaming PC or consoles.


The exact phrase structure of this new project has not yet been revealed by Microsoft. However, keeping in mind the gaming pass prices, we expect it to Be anything around $15 to $20 per month. PlayStation Now and Sony’s streaming service costs $20 monthly. Hence, the price range will be around this only. Microsoft has also revealed the plan about how a person can download and play the game and what will be the package size.

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Beta Version & Release Date

At E3 2019, Microsoft announced that it will be holding public trials of this service in October 2019. Moreover, there has been no exact launch date. However, it is likely that Microsoft is going to release the project in the first half of 2020, after having completed all the trials in 2019. Therefore, you will have to wait for another few months.


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