Nobody’s Fool Review: Box Office Collection Reports!

  Hollywood movie “Nobody’s Fool” is released previous Friday at the box office. Despite having the big hype, the movie failed to get attention or you can say that the viewers aren’t fooled anymore. We personally liked the movie because of the good production work and “Nobody’s Fool” the acting work is nice in the film. You can argue about the storyline and we also noticed that the makers or the director Tyler Perry were in an experimental mood with this movie.

We aren’t satisfied this time and here we think that you can blame the writing or you can say the experiment is failed. The movie keeps you connecting with the plot and gives you a story which can’t be related easily. The comedy was okay, we aren’t a fan of Rom-com movies so we didn’t have the expectations too. Even though, the viewers weren’t saying anything about good about this picture film.

Nobody’s Fool Review-

So now, the question is why the makers invested so much in a movie where you can’t feel a connection. As we said above that the movie wasn’t that good. The acting work is good, some dialogues are well-written and maybe the casting wasn’t bad. We think that the movie is failed in getting the attention of the viewers. We think that the movie isn’t satisfying and it shouldn’t be here.

Nobody’s Fool Cast & Crew-

The movie is directed and written by Tyler Perry itself. We liked the concept even though the screenplay could have been better. The movie is featuring a long cast and it includesTiffany Haddish, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, Mehcad Brooks, Amber Riley, and Whoopi Goldberg. Some of you might know that the movie has received the mixed word of mouth and the reviews were bad for the movie from the critics.

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Nobody’s Fool Box office collection-

As per the reports, the movie Nobody’s Fool has made around $14 million from the US box office alone. We have expectations that the movie will be a good hit and the makers will gain the profit from it. Even though the critics were strict about the movie, but the viewers loved it because of the good storyline. Nobody’s Fool and can review it below because we think that you are going to feel the same connection. You all can have lowered expectations from the movie before watching it.

Nobody’s Fool Storyline-

The movie Nobody’s Fool is a good picture film which is Rom-com as we said above. The movie’s plot revolves around Tanya (Tiffany Haddish) who is released from the prison and she reunites with her sister Danica (Tika Sumpter), but she realizes that her sister Danica is in an online relationship with a mysterious man who might be “catfishing” her. Now, the movie follows the story of two different women and a mystery man.

In the end, Nobody’s Fool is a movie which makes you laugh, but we aren’t sure about the entertainment. The movie is funny but it doesn’t have the X factor which makes any film good or worth watching.

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