Nexus 6P Owners Can Still Claim Their Share In $9.75 Million Settlement Case

              Nexus 6P News: An owner of Nexus 6p has to Google and Huawei. According to reports, the company had to pay a  sum of $9.7 millions for settling the matter and the court. Did you know that even you can sue them and get compensation if you have purchased Nexus 6P? We have covered the entire matter and the problems faced by the customer because of which the court decided to settle the matter and punish the smartphone maker. Hence, go through the article to find out the development of this case and how you can get the same amount as the settlement.

Nexus 6P News

Back in April 2019, Google and Huawei decided to close a case which was filed by a customer of Nexus 6P by paying a hefty amount of compensation. They jointly paid a sum of $9.75 billion as the court settlement fees. But why exactly that the customers sue them? Well, the customer said that he was facing a lot of errors while using the brand new Nexus 6P. According to him, the smartphone was incapable of boot looping and kept on draining the battery.

The United States North district court stated that a settlement procedure has to be worked out. This statement was recorded on 3rd May 2019, a month after the case was filed. They came to a conclusion that all the Nexus 6P devices sold between 29 September and 3rd May 2019 were eligible for this settlement procedure. So if you had purchased the device between the given date, you are eligible for getting compensation from Google.

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However, if you haven’t still approached them, you still have the opportunity to get a good amount of compensation as a settlement procedure. They have launched a toll-free number and you can complain and register your issue by 3rd September 2019. You can register your complaint by going to the website directly or calling on 1855-336-4167.


The judgement stated that customers of Nexus 6P were facing 2 issues. Firstly, the smartphone kept on rebooting again and again without even giving such a command. Moreover, there were instances when the smartphone didn’t even display the home screen and kept on rebooting until the battery was that. Secondly, the battery draining issue was persistent and the users could hardly use the smartphone. Keeping these two points in mind, the North district court of USA said that a settlement procedure will have to be worked out by the company. It was mutually decided that the settlement amount would be $9.75 million and all those who will claim has to be taken into consideration.

What Should You Do?

There are only two steps that you can take if you have purchased Nexus 6P between the two dates given above. Firstly, you can directly reach out to the settlement center by calling on the number given above and claiming your compensation amount. However, you will not have the right to sue the company again legally after receiving the compensation. You cannot even argue that you have received a low amount of compensation. But there will be a second hearing on 10th October 2019 where a customer can give down his points stating why the compensation amount seems low.

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Secondly, a customer can choose to file a legal complaint against the company again in the court and not take part in the claim settlement procedure. However, this is not recommended because it will take a long time until the court passes the judgment. Hence, the best thing a user can do right now is, call on the number given above and settle the case by receiving the appropriate amount of compensation. Later, you can appear before the judge if you don’t like the compensation amount.

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