New iPhone 11: Release Date, Price, All Leaks & Rumours At One Place!

New iPhone 11: Release Date, Price, All Leaks & Rumours At One Place!

           Apple is currently working on the 2019 version of iPhones which are going to hit the market in the latter half of 2019. It has been 5 months since we have seen the release of the latest iPhones. Hence, it is the current time to get started and analyze the features and specifications which are going to come up with the iPhone 2019. The 2019 version of iPhone will be named as iPhone 11 or iPhone XL. Apple is likely to choose the latter name this year. So what do you expect from the upcoming iPhone 11? Let’s check out all the latest leaks and Rumours about iPhone 11.

iPhone 11: Leaks & Rumours

Apple is going to bring some message change in the 2019 series of iPhones. This is because there has been a major head on the sales of iPhone across major markets like China and India. The sales of the iPhone have fallen by almost 15% in these developing countries for the first time since the inception of the company. Hence, there is a high expectation that iPhone 2019 or iPhone 11 will come up with some new features and specifications to attract the mass and take up the sales back to where it used to be.


There will be a major reshuffling and the design of iPhone 11. The notch display is completely out of fashion now. Hence, we expect to screen types on the new iPhone. If Apple plans to do something different, technicians believe that a curved display will be introduced which will not be similar to the horizontal curves found on the Samsung Note series. Some technicians believe that the curve will be on the head. However, if Apple plans to play defensively, a punch hole display is very likely to come up. We expect that Apple will continue using the OLED screens on the new iPhones.

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Apple doesn’t reveal much about the internal specifications of the iPhone. However, we do believe that the new A13 bionic chipset is awaiting the new iPhone 11. This chipset will be coupled with 6gb Ram. We expect to variants of iPhone 11 this year. One will have the basic 64 GB storage space and the higher model will have a 128 or 256 GB storage space. However, there is not much we know as of now about the detailed specifications. Hence, we will keep on updating this thread as the information start coming in from time to time.

Price & Release Date

It is quite a well-known fact that all iPhones are released in September. Hence, we believe that the iPhone 11 or iPhone XL will be launched at the Global Apple summit in September 2019. The date can be 9th September based on the previous Launches. We don’t expect any price cut in the products. Hence, be ready to pay the normal flagship iPhone prices which is usually above $100.

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