New AI Algorithm Detects Storm Forming Clouds Automatically

                 An International team of scientists has invented a new AI Algorithm which will help in tracking the clouds which leads to the formation of a storm. The new artificial intelligence algorithm will help the meteorologist to track the formation and development of the storm.

Weather forecasting is very important in the modern day and methodologies follow various procedures and methods in order to understand the movements of clouds. They interpret the movement and shape of the cloud in order to estimate the chances of storm formation. Hence, they get to know the arrival of the storm beforehand.

However, the technologies being used to get the input data to calculate the shape and formation of clouds has been changing over the years with the change in technology. artificial intelligence Technology as being used for the first time to determine the formation of clouds which leads to a storm.

We all know that it is very important to know the arrival of the storm beforehand so that the government can take measures to prevent large-scale damages. The new AI Algorithm will help these material largest to efficiently track the clouds.

Most small scale storms are missed because of the lack of proper technology and methods to find data input. The best part is that it is now going to change because scientists have developed a new computer application. Several companies and universities work together to find out and develop an algorithm which can track the developments of cloud and help in making the estimation of storms efficiently and precisely.

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The model is based on a kind of artificial intelligence Technology known as machine learning linear classifiers. These AI algorithm softwares can run on the bridge supercomputers and track the images of the satellite.

In simple words, the new technology will help the weather forecasters to understand the development of storm in a particular area. Hence, they will be able to make better weather forecast and issue an advisory in case of a severe storm developing in a particular area.

How does the AI Algorithm Work?

A team of AccuWeather meteorologist and some other resources clubbed together more than 50000 historical images of storm form and clouds and observe their shape. They classified the clouds into various shapes and also identified the comma-shaped clouds.

Past studies also reveal the particular shape and movement of clouds which have caused thunderstorms and other big destructive storms.

The researchers used the machine learning procedure to teach the computer how to automatically find out the comma-shaped clouds from the satellite images. Hence, the machines will now be able to automatically detect the clouds which form storm and report it to the meteorologists. This will help in more accurate and precise weather forecast at an early stage. It is a revolutionary process which will improve the system of weather forecasting.

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