National Day of Prayer 2019: History, Observance And Ways To Celebrate

National Day of Prayer 2019: History, Observance And Ways To Celebrate

                  National Day of Prayer 2019 History, Observance And Ways To Celebrate: The National Day of Prayer is a yearly day of observance which is celebrated on the first Thursday of May. This day is designated by the United States Congress when people are asked: “to turn to God in prayer and meditation”. Every single year from the time of its beginning, the president has signed an announcement, inspiring all Americans to pray on this day.

History of National Day of Prayer

The first National Day of Prayer can be marked out back to the year 1775 when the Continental Congress allotted an everyday prayer while they were making the new country. From that time onwards, a number of Presidents have asked for inhabitants to pray in circumstances of national emergency or disaster.

On the other hand, it wasn’t till April 17th, 1952 that National Day of Prayer was approved by Congress and was sign up into law by President Harry Truman. In the year 1988, President Reagan signed an amendment to the law that elected the first Thursday of May as the National Day of Prayer.

In the year 1972, the National Prayer Committee was made in the U.S. This committee would go on to make the National Day of Prayer Task Force, a task force with the future objective of organizing events for this observance day.

National Day of Prayer Observance

The National Day of Prayer is observed by Americans of a lot of religions, comprising Christians of several denominations, as well as Protestants and Catholics, also Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews, imitating the demographics of the United States.

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On the National Day of Prayer, a lot of Americans come together for prayer in front of courthouses, and also in houses of worship like churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples. Luncheons, picnics, as well as music performances spinning around praying for the country,  are also widespread observances. By tradition, the President of the United States issues an official National Day of Prayer announcement every single year as well.

When is National Day of Prayer 2019?

National Day of Prayer is celebrated every year on the first Thursday of May. This year in 2019 it is going to be celebrated on 2nd May 2019, Thursday.

Ways to Celebrate National Day of Prayer

Celebrate the day on social media by posting something about the National Day of Prayer and encouraging people to circulate the message and celebrate the day. Also, don’t forget to add a hashtag #NATIONALDAYOFPRAYER.

Find out where the observance of National Day of Prayer is already planned in your town, city or country and encourage your friends and family along with you to join in.

Start an observance in your neighborhood. You can also create an additional gathering in your region, as there is constantly room for more. Instigate to have a celebration for your church as well as include additional churches.

You can also organize an observance in your place of work for the duration of lunch or when the management at your work would be keen to let you meet.

Instigate an observance in your elementary, middle or high school, college or university. Schools will generally work with you if you follow the right procedure for authorization and approval.

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