My Little One Full Movie: The Plot, Cast And Complete Reviews!

              My Little One is a striking road movie which is taken along with the help of the cast’s performance. The movie is set in Arizona’s windswept hinterlands. The movie includes an especial thing and that is the fiery turn from a child actor with name Ruby Matenko. Eventually, this latest outing from Swiss-French directorial duo Frederic Choffat and Julie Gilbert ends up by ringing as empty of meaning as the arid and sparse spaces the cat has tried to capture on-screen.

The Plot of the Movie

The story of the movie revolves around two jaded, middle-aged men who continue their attempts to reconnect with the woman they loved. They left her behind a decade ago. There is an interesting character who responds in the movie as one should “never wait for something to happen” in life. Through this, she might be conveying what viewers might actually be thinking as they try to make sense of the emotions unfolding before them on screen. In this movie, the featured ones are the well-known French art house names such as Anna Mouglalis and Mathieu Demy.

My Little One has is yet to mark its release beyond the domestic region. The film has yet just revealed in Switzerland late last month. The market debut of the film was showcased in Hong Kong’s Filmart. It may arouse interest in all buyers and programmers who seek for a sun-drenched stranger and whose title resembles Guillaume Nicloux’s Valley of Love. My Little One has its beginning relating to the reconciling of a pair of estranged souls. After few years, former close friends Bernardo (Demy) and Alex (Vincent Boniello) arranges a meet up again in the desert deep in Navajo Nation. This is also because they answer a call for a reunion from Jade (Mouglalis).

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They last saw Jade whom during a holiday in Mexico 10 years earlier. The moments what they spent on holiday are not shown in the movie. The viewer only gets to see angst-ridden these men have gradually become. It also shows  Alex blaming Bernardo for having ruined what could have been a better, more contented life for him if they could have decided to live with Jade a few years back. Pietro Zuercher’s camerawork totally does justice to offer a spectacular look at the topography of the land what movie tries to depict. But the beautiful landscapes and communities serve easily as a backdrop before which these lost and also were able to confuse white characters unpack their personal traumas.

The Navajo people – the ones whose lines in their mother tongues are not even subtitled, these invariably appear in the shape of a “medicine man. ” These acts as a supplier of strong hash, giggly girls in awe of the European men in their midst and mysterious musicians performing a ritual. Meanwhile Jade prepares for her own demise. When we look back to the psychedelic adventures of a past age then straight away Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point comes to mind. And also that My Little One could have involved more additive elements to its story and characters than providing a very simple depiction of rage, anxiety, and guilt in an exotic land.

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