Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs HP Spectre folio: Which Is Better For You?

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs HP Spectre folio: Which Is Better For You?

  The two in one technology for laptops have remained a flagship for most company. The Microsoft Surface Pro was the first device which brought in the two in one Technology, used this you can use your device both as a laptop and as a tablet. Microsoft Surface Pro has remained a flagship device of the company and the sixth edition has been launched recently. Following Microsoft, HP came up with specter folio series. So are you looking for a device which can serve as tablet and laptop simultaneously? Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and HP spectre folio are the latest names in the segment. So let find out which one is better.

Both Microsoft and HP of premium Tech companies and highly trustworthy. Hence, what matters here is only the specification and performance of both the devices. In this post we have compared Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs HP spectre folio, to find out which is better.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs HP Spectre folio


The HP spectre folio has a premium look. Its outer part is made up of leather which makes it extremely likable and unique. The entire furnishing of this laptop is done by leather which makes a durable as well as premium. The material used is similar to those used for making car seats. Hence, you can imagine the looks and durability. Because of discovering it feels a bit thick and heavy. However, it’s amazing overall to see such a unique look by HP.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with its iconic theme. It is made up of aluminum add some water glass material which gift set a Glassy and premium finishing. And is extremely thin and feels premium. It is also thin compared to the HP spectre folio. The laptop is colored great and it’s made up completely of metal.

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HP spectre folio has a decent specification but is not suitable if you’re looking for a hardcore performance. It is silent and efficient. On the other hand, the Microsoft Surface 6 Pro comes with an option of i5 and i7. It will be your perfect partner for product performance and high-level customizations. Folio has 1080×1920 display resolution, whereas Surface 6 has 2736×1834 resolution. Therefore, the display is much much better on the surface 6 Pro. You can stream Ultra HD 4K videos on both the devices. However, you will get a better color combination and display on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. The brightness is also better in the surface 6.


When it comes to portability what matters the most is the weight and thickness of a device. As mentioned earlier, the leather covering of HP spectre folio makes it thick and heavy. However, none of the devices will let you down when it comes to portability. After all, both are designed for the two and one feature. However, the Microsoft Surface 6 Pro figures light and is easier to carry around compared to the HP spectre folio.


In our comparison of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs HP spectre folio, we found out that the folio lasts longer. The spectre folio lasts for 54 watt-hours, whereas the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 last for 45 watt-hours. This is because of the low CPU uses and lesser brightness of the HP spectre laptop. The high and performance and Chris display of the surface Pro make the battery life a bit less. However, both are equally amazing and feels premium.

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The HP spectre folio is available for $1300. However, you have to spend up to $1600 for the 16GB Ram version. The price tag of the Ultra HD display version has not been announced yet by the company. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 costs you around $2300 for the i7, 1TB version. However, the i5 version is available for $1300.

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