Men In Black International: Box office Collection Counts To $30 Million

                Men In Black International Box office Collection: There is a decline in the case of franchise movies in Hollywood. It seems that Hollywood is coming down with a contagious case of fatigue this summer. The movie has collected less than the expectations and are dismissed in North America. Yes, here we are talking about the latest releases from Hollywood as “Men In Black: International ” and “Shaft”.

Men In Black: International Collection and Reviews

Sony’s movie Men In Black: International have been able to sell a ticket at the box office this weekend with $30 million. But it is still less than the expectations. The total grosses on Monday were slightly higher than the box office projections on Sunday. This placed the ticket sales at around $28.5 million. These numbers are roughly half of whatever the previous movies of the sci-fi series earned during the first weekend in theatres. The three previous films of Men In Black films opened with over $50 million.

The latest entry which was toplined by Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth was not expecting the movie to reach the same heights as the previous one. But the analysts anticipated a start of the movie which should gross above $30 million. The director of the movie is F. Gary Gray and also the sequel sees Thompson and Hemsworth make a team to protect the earth from a series of alien attacks.

The movie did a larger footprint with the foreign audiences and collected around $73 million from the 56 overseas territories and this brought the film’s global start to $102.2 million. The movie was made $110 million for production. Critics have praised the chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson who first shared the screen in Thor.

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Shaft Collection and Reviews 

Men In Black: International was not the only sequel this weekend that have got the cold reviews. The movie “Shaft” from Warner Bros. and New Line which have been starring Samuel L. Jackson is also a flop collecting only $8.3million. This is from sales in 2952. In comparison with this, the first debut movie of Shaft in 2000 has collected $21.7 million. Disney’s movie Aladdin which is a live-action remake of the Arabian musical cartoon. It achieved the no. 3 spot during the fourth weekend in theatres. The total collection of $264 million.

Other Movies which have grabbed their Position

It is not only that the franchises feeling the blow. Positive reviews are also not Amazon’s Last Night which is an original comedy from Mindy Kaling. The movie has finished in securing the 9th place with $5 million. Another Disney title, “X-Men” entry “Dark Phoenix” is a big budget misstep last weekend. It has dropped to fourth place and added also $9 million as compared to its first weekend in theatres. The fantasy biopic from Paramount’s “Rocketman” sees an inspired Taron Egerton dramatizing the life. It has a total collection of $66 million in North America.

Upcoming Movies 

The ticket sales at the domestic office are over 7% less as compared to the last year. There is a number of upcoming blockbuster films that includes Disney’s Toy Story 4 and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home” have expectations to breathe in some good number to the lackluster of Hollywood.

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