Marvel’s Avenger: Infinity Stones And Their Powers Explained Here!

Infinity Stones

              As you all might know that Thanos has been the digester for the half of the Marvel universe.  Everyone now knows that he has killed 50% of Marvel Universe in the last release of Avenger series “Avengers: Infinity War (2018).” We think that Marvel’s Avenger’s next installment is going to bring a lot of answers for the viewers and we are going to help you out here a bit. If you aren’t sure that what Infinity stones do then we’ll try to explain below.

Check out the powers of Infinity Stones (or Infinity Gems) down here. You all should know that they are very precious gems and if you have watched Infinity War then you all might know how precious they are. If you haven’t watched the last release movie, then go and watch it because otherwise, this article wouldn’t make any sense for you. Now before we tell you that what Infinity Stones does we would like to talk about what they actually are.

 What Are The Infinity Stones?

You all should know that the Infinity Stones are incredibly powerful gems/ colored stones that grant limitless power to the user whoever has those gems. These powers are limitless and anyone can obliterate planets, solar system and literally anything with the help of these amazing Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe.

The Space Stone [a.k.a. The Tesseract] (Blue)

The Mind Stone (Yellow)

The Reality Stone [a.k.a Aether] (Red)

The Power Stone (Purple)

The Time Stone [Eye of Agamotto] (Green)

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The Soul Stone (Orange)

Now, if you have the question then how these stones came into the light then you all should go back in “Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)” era. If you have seen this movie then you might already know the answer but still, you all should know that there were six characteristics before the existence of the universe. The Big Bang transformed those entities into six separate Infinity Stones which are given above and now you all can read their powers.

Infinity Stones Powers Explained-

The Space Stone [a.k.a. The Tesseract] (Blue) – This Infinity stone is really very cool. It allows the user to travel through space instantly without any problem. Well, you all should know that anyone who has this stone can create a portal to move from one side of the universe to another.

The Mind Stone (Yellow) – Like you, all can see that the title of this stone is clear and yeah it means what you think it does. The Mind Stone allows the user to take control of other minds. It is one of the most precious stones and you have must have noticed it in the first Avengers movie in the form of Loki’s Sceptre (Scepter) where he used this stone.

The Reality Stone [a.k.a Aether] (Red) – Well, this stone is kind of tricky as it let the user control matter. You all should know that In “Thor: The Dark World (2013),” the villain Malekith (the Accursed) wanted to utilize this red liquid stuff to turn matter into a dark matter. Overall, the stone started his cameo from there.

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The Power Stone (Purple) – This stone let the user unparallel strength which is more than enough to destroy the entire planes without any kind of big weapon.

The Time Stone [Eye of Agamotto] (Green) – It allows the user to manipulate time and it was the main stone for the Doctor Strange.

The Soul Stone (Orange)- This stone is really powerful as it is able to control all souls of living and dead, bring back souls from dead people and another place. Even though the stone didn’t make it own debut in the Avenger movies like every other stone or nobody really used it for any big purpose but we think that this stone will play the major role in the upcoming Marvel’s Avenger.

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