Lok Sabha Elections Prediction: Who Will Win The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?

             Lok Sabha Elections Prediction 2019: General Elections in India are on its way and every voter from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is ready to cast his/her vote. These elections are the largest democratic election in the world. This year, the voter’s count has also increased and more than 850 million voters are fully prepared to cast their votes.

Well, according to the opinion polls of the public, it revealed that Modi has become more popular in the last 3 years. While on the other hand, the opposition has gone wild due to BJP being the main power. But for BJP also, the situation is turning hard now as, during the state elections, BJP lost its 3 major states to INC in 2018.

Chances of Congress winning 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

In the recent state elections in 2018, INC swept BJP from 3 states where it was in power from a long time. In Chattisgarh, Congress won the state election where BJP was ruling for 15 years. Same goes in Madhya Pradesh, Congress won over BJP’s 3 consecutive tenures. So, this could be a setback for the BJP and an advantage for the Congress to win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Noting that all the fragmented opposition has joined hands, economic analyst Ruchir Sharma says that it couldn’t be helped as the chances for BJP getting re-elected has reduced by 99 percent.

Chances of BJP winning 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

According to the opinion polls of the general public, these states election will have less impact over the Lok Sabha election in 2019. State elections decide the Chief Minister of the state but this time, it is for the Prime Minister and these elections can’t be judged on the basis of Assembly elections. For example, a person that did not choose BJP in the state due to its low performance does not mean that he/she won’t want that party in Centre. It means that it is not necessary that someone will choose Rahul Gandhi over Narendra Modi in Centre.

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People in the country have not given up hope yet as they still believe that BJP has the potential to change the course of the country and can direct it towards the development. Also, Modi factor will play one of the important roles in the favor of BJP. So, BJP can notch the majority towards itself in 2019 elections.

We all know that BJP has lost the state assembly election in 3 states but we can’t ignore the fact that the different between INC and BJP votes were mere. Also, the party leaders trust their leader and believe that these elections, BJP will surely win.


After seeing both the situations we can say that BJP has an upper hand in these elections as they have made many policies for the poor citizens of this country. BJP has completed most of its promises in such a short period of time and the public believes that if given more time, BJP can surely complete the other promises that were made in 2014. It is clear that what the public wants and whom they are going to elect as a Prime Minister. Rest can be left to the Lok Sabha elections results. For further information on elections, stay tuned with NB Post-Gazette.

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