Last Christmas: Release Date, Plot, Writer, Director, Cast, Trailer & Other Details!

Last Christmas: Release Date, Plot, Writer, Director, Cast, Trailer & Other Details!

Fans are so much in speculation on the fate of the Henry Golding’s character in the romantic comedy from Emma Thompson and Paul Feig. It is also based on a song of the same name by George Michael’s duo Wham! Summer is soon coming to an end and thus you must be preparing for the holiday season and also the upcoming season is the season of Christmas that will be bringing cheer and celebration. The star Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones and the actor of the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’  who is Henry Golding. This movie is already in good expectations of the audience and it is sparkling many theories from viewers so as to the fate of its lead characters.  This movie is basically named after the song by George Michael’s English pop duo Wham! It will also be featuring previously unreleased music from the late singer.

Last Christmas Release Date

The movie will be set to release on 8th November 2019.

The Plot of the Movie

In the trailer, Emilia Clarke’s Kate is a down on a luck cynical woman. She is the one who works as an elf in a year-round Christmas. She also runs to Henry Golding’s Tom which is repeatedly and by the time passes he helps her to find out her Christmas spirit. Kate then opens up to Tom for being nearly sick and she was dying which eventually led her to be the cynical mess that she actually is. Through the trailer of the movie, we can see Kate going closer to her family who is volunteering at the homeless shelter and she then fell for Tom.

From the trailer of the movie, there can be one thing to notice about Henry Golding’s Tom and that is he is a ghost who always appears to Kate. This fact is coupled with another fact that says he always appears in the same outfit throughout the movie. Kate also keeps exclaiming that he suddenly disappears and also suddenly appears to talk to her. When there was an interview with RadioTimes then it was revealed by Emma Thompson wrote the script with Bryony Kimmings said that the movie is eventually based on a song ‘Last Christmas by Wham’. She developed the idea with her husband, Greg Wise, and with the late singer George Michael, before his passing.”

Thus this fact is theorizing the movie that Tom is a ghost who gave his heart in transplantation to Kate who was when sick and almost dead. This is also in matching with the lyrics of the song.

The Cast of the Movie 

Emilia Clarke will be playing the role of Kate and she is already the most famous for her role that she played in Game of Thrones. She also played the role of Louisa Clark in the romantic drama ‘Me Before You’. Henry Golding has impressed the audience through his work in Crazy Rich Asians’. He also appeared in ‘Last Christmas’ director’s ‘A Simple Favor’ in 2018. The movie is also starring in the cast Emma Thompson who plays Kate’s mom and Golding’s ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ co-star Michelle Yeoh as the Christmas shop owner.

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Last Christmas Trailer

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