Kentucky Derby 2019: Tickets, Details And Discounts

             Kentucky Derby Tickets, Details And Discounts: Kentucky Derby 2019 is going to start and its tickets are also available online. If you book in time then it is possible that you may get a discount on your tickets as well. If you want a discount on your tickets then keep reading the content. We will provide you the detail of the prices and discounts for the tickets.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Tickets: Price & Discount

Kentucky Derby is the biggest event of the year and most people are excited about this upcoming event. So, here is everything you need to know.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Tickets –

Well, most people find the Kentucky Derby tickets priced very high for them and due to that they end up not buying the ticket. So, here we are going to tell you that how you can get the tickets at a low price according to your budget. You can have Kentucky Derby 2019 tickets with a 10 percent discount. The main race will be held on 3rd and 4th May. So, brace up yourself for the biggest event that is up ahead.

Well, if you are looking for an ideal ticket according to your budget and you don’t want to miss even the slightest of the game then first, you must know about different seating of the Kentucky Derby.

First, you need to understand that the higher your seat, the higher will be the price of the ticket. It is because the higher seat will have a complete view over the circuit and if you can watch everything through your own eyes without asking anyone else.

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So, here are the listed seating arrangements where you will get your ticket.

  1. The Infield

It is a fun area that is fully equipped with a crowd. Here you can eat, drink and place your bets on the races. But there is a drawback that there are no seats so you would have to stand for the entire match or there is one more option that you could stick to the ground. It also has another disadvantage that the race is not visible to an extent and you could end up watching it on television even after being there.

  1. The Grandstand

These seats consist of reserved bench seating that is located near the finish line. If you want to watch the races while sitting then these seats are a better option for you

The Grandstand consists of reserved bleacher seating and is located well before the finish line. They are the least expensive option for a reserved seat.

  1. The Clubhouse

These have the seating of Chair-back seats that are sold in groups of 6 or 8. Here you can spot women sitting wearing hats and men with a sports coat.

  1. Inside Table Seating

You can reserve the inside tables or seats if you want a prime view of the track. The seats are located behind glass and there is an advantage of these seats as you could run into any celebrity that could have come to watch the same race.

  1. VIP Lounge Seating

You can also gain access to the secret VIP lounges but that are not available for the general public. In the VIP lounge, you will get a table seating outside with the full view of the racing track, catering and many other things.

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