JPEG vs PNG: Which Is The Better Format For Compressed Images?

              Images seem to be very ordinary files which are available on all the devices. However, if you go in deep details and search out the backend, all the files are not the same and there are some major differences. So what are the kind of files are used for compressing and storing the images? There are basically two famous file types of popular for storing the compressed images. JPEG and PNG are the two famous five types. So which one among the is are better? To find out the best file type, we have compared JPEG vs PNG below.


This file format is named after its developing group and is very popularly used. The file format has become very famous for sharing compressed images from one device to another using social media or other platforms. The major benefit of this file type is that its balance is the images properly and maintains the quality. It usually has a compression ratio of 10:1. However, it’s Mayberry when different kinds of settings are used to compress or store the image. Hence, a 10 MB image is roughly equivalent to 1mb when it is compressed to the JPEG file format.

The maths behind the compression and this file format is quite complicated. It uses an algorithm to compress the energy and maintain quality. The format recognizes all the identical pixels around the image and merges them together in order to decrease the file size. The data once lost with this file format cannot be recovered. This is why most people do not recommend to use this file format for archive images. The reason is that the image quality worsens on every edit.

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PNG is a file format which cannot be lost and has been created as an alternative to the GIF format. It uses the LZW format for compressing the files which are an introduction to the format used on the JPEG format. This results in a smaller file with higher image quality. The main reason why PNG is preferred over JPEG is that the file format does not lose out on quality every time you open or edit the file. Hence, you will find that this file format is used for screenshots and other presentation to presentation files.

JPEG vs PNG: Which is better?

Actually, there is no way any in this comparison. This is mainly because of the fact that both the file formats are on par with each other. Both the file formats have their own unique use and the user might select the file format based on his or her need. For instance, if you are looking for a file format which will help you in sharing pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms, JPEG is the suitable choice. However, if you want to take screenshots, PNG is the preferred file format.

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