iPad Mini 5: New Features, Price, Availability & All You Need To Know

            iPad has remained the best choice if someone wants to purchase a tablet. Apple iPads are much smoother and first compared to the Android tablets available in the market. iPad Mini has been one of the best selling iPad in the entire range because of its relatively low pricing. However, Apple nearly forgot about updating the iPad Mini. After a wait of 3 and a half years, Apple has finally updated the iPad Mini and has launched the iPad Mini 2019. It is much faster and has got some amazing new features. Hence, we decided to let down all the things you would need to know about the iPad Mini 2019.

iPad Mini 2019: All You Need To Know

What’s New?

iPad Mini 2019 is the 5th version of the mini-series. It is quite different from its predecessor, iPad Mini 4. However, both devices share the same look. Additionally, a lot of new features which has been added to this new device makes it better than any other iPad Mini. The Apple pencil support has also been enabled for this device which makes it very attractive. Moreover, iPad Mini 5 is faster than ever before and there has also been some reshuffling in the microphone location. It is now found on the top side of the device.

It’s faster

The iPad Mini 5 is much faster compared to the last version. This is because of the fact that iPad Mini 4 was powered by the A8 chipset along with an M8 Coprocessor. These specifications were decent enough to run applications and games smoothly back in 2015. However, 4 years ahead the digital revolution demands a better processor because of the enhanced games and better graphics. To meet the customer’s demand, Apple has decided to power iPad Mini 5 by the latest A12 bionic chipset along with M12 co-processor. Hence, the iPad Mini 5 is faster than ever before and will help the users to play high-end games without any trouble. It is available in two variants. One has how 64GB storage space, while, the other has a 256 GB storage space.

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There is no significant upgrade when it comes to the camera of the iPad Mini 5. It has the same old specifications. All you can do is capture a live picture now on this new device. Besides, the video quality remains the same at 1080p and 120 frames per second. However, the front-facing FaceTime camera is now improved and has a 12-megapixel lens compared to the 7-megapixel lens found on its predecessor. Moreover, customers can now shoot high definition videos at 30 frames per second using the FaceTime camera. Therefore, it has been recently upgraded.


There is practically no upgradation in the display section of the device. It has the same 2048 × 1536 resolutions display. However, there has been minute changes and some additional features in this section. For instance, DCI-P3 wide gamut and True tone have been added to the iPad Mini 2019 for enhancing the color contrast. The true tone is really helpful as it adjusts the brightness of the screen perfectly with the environment and the lighting condition of the room. It is most helpful when you need to adjust the brightness while reading. Hence, this additional feature will enhance the user experience.

Price And Availability

64GB WiFi Only: $399

64GB WiFi + Cellular: $529

256GB WiFi only: $549

256GB WiFi + Cellular: $679

iPad Mini 5 Latest Prices

Additionally, apple care can be purchased with an additional cost. The Apple pencil will also cost you some extra money. The device is available for purchasing right now on the official website and the shipping is expected to start on 26th May 2019. Hence, if you are looking to purchase an iPad this summer, iPad Mini 5 will be the perfect choice with all the updated features.

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