Humana Health Insurance Review: Plans, Pros, Cons And Everything You Must Know

                Humana Health Insurance Review: Health insurance is an important topic and it must be discussed with seriousness. There all a lot of well-known health insurance companies in the United States. However, it takes a lot of time to judge each company based on particular parameters like premium, coverage, and others. Hence, we have come up with Humana Health Insurance Review to help understand the various factors about this company. It is one of the top health insurance providers in the United States and you will get to know everything that is covered, after reading this article.

Why buy health insurance?

We all know that life is risky and anything can happen anytime without prior notice. For instance, you might suddenly meet with an accident or acquire a serious illness without any symptoms. All these things come up suddenly and will not give you any time to get financially prepared. The logic says that we humans must hedge ourselves as much as we can. Hence, buying health insurance is a kind of hedging which we can do to avoid any financial problem in such a situation. You can buy them by investing a small amount and the return is always great if a hard situation.

Humana Health Insurance Review

Humana is one of the top health insurance companies in the United States and serving and more than 50 states. The company already has more than 12 million happy customers and they manage more than $33 billion. The company has a number of products including individual medical policy, group health insurance, and group employee health insurance.

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This is a kind of plan that Humana provides. If you are having an HMO Plan, it means that you can take the medical facilities and help only in the Humana hospital network. Every insurance company has a network of clinics and hospitals and they have a special tie up with them. However, the only benefit of this plan is that you will get a hundred percent claim settlement in the hospital itself.


This is a kind of plan that doesn’t restrict you from availing medical help from any hospital. You can visit any hospital and any clinic of your choice even if it is not in the network of the insurance company. However, you will have to manually apply for the claim settlement and in maximum cases, the claim settlement is not a hundred percent. They will deduct some amount of money from the claim and then reimburse it.

Traditional Indemnity Plan

This plan is similar to PPO as it doesn’t restrict you from getting medical facilities from any hospital or clinic. However, the difference between the two plants is that you will get a hundred percent claim settlement in the traditional indemnity plan. But the hundred percent claim settlement will come at a cost. You will have to pay a higher premium in order to avail of this plan.

Humana Medical Cover

There are a number of medical coverage plants like the prescription plan and other special prescription drug plans. These plants are very beneficial for the people who are taking prescribed medicines on a regular basis. It will cost you $15 a month. You can buy prescribed medicines of any amount by paying the limited premium monthly.

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  • Variety of health insurance plans available.
  • Low-cost health insurance plans are available.
  • Affordable premium rates
  • Good network of hospital and doctor clinics for HMOs
  • Highly trusted and big brand.


  • Customer service is a bit slow because of the high user base.
  • Some plans are not up to the mark if we calculate the premium rates and the coverage. However, consulting your insurance agent will help in choosing the best plan.
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