How To Use Samsung Bixby: Everything You Need To Know!

How To Use Samsung Bixby: Everything You Need To Know!

   Artificial intelligence has a long way to go when we talk about personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Samsung has too entered the race of artificial intelligence Technology. Samsung Bixby is an AI-based personal assistant found on Samsung’s flagship devices like Galaxy 9. However, it is not exactly similar to Siri or Google assistant. Samsung Bixby is in its Beta phase and does not support a wide variety of features and languages. However, it can do anything which you can do by touching your smartphone. You can ask Bixby to set reminders and alarms. Moreover, Samsung Bixby can control basic features of your smartphone over your voice command.

Supported Devices

Samsung Bixby is currently available only on the flagship models of Samsung. However, the company has announced that it will be launched for the lower versions, as well, gradually. Bixby is currently availed on Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 plus, Note 9, S8, Note 8 and few others. It is also available for Samsung smart televisions and refrigerators. Whereas, Smart home speakers are on the way.

Getting started with Bixby

All the flagship model of Samsung have a dedicated Bixby button at the lower left side. You can simply click on it to visit the setup page. First of all, you have to agree to all the terms and conditions of Samsung Bixby and grant permission to it. To access settings, tap on the gear button, at the upper part of the screen. There you can check the list of supported applications. They are of three types: Bixby Home, Bixby Voice & Bixby Vision.

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Samsung Bixby Voice

Bixby voice is just like any other assistant based on artificial intelligence. You can ask for any information you won’t like the weather forecast all the latest news. Bixby is not enough to adapt to your speaking style. It can also answer to the different versions of the same question easily. Once you have activated it, you can simply use your voice command to activate it. This will help you to send messages using your voice command. You can also make Bixby call your friends.

Bixby Home

This is an interface just like Google Now. Bixby Home display view all the upcoming events and important calendar dates and a card format. Moreover, it displays relevant news based on your Google search history and from highest ranked websites. You can change the settings of Bixby home by clicking on the gear button and selecting the kind of cards you want to be displayed at the home screen. There are also third-party application cards, which are growing in number day by day. For instance, there is a Spotify music card available on the Samsung Bixby home.

Bixby Vision

Bixby Vision is a Google lens kind of Technology, which uses the camera or a smartphone to interpret anything which comes up the result. It can read live location QR codes and also translate languages and to your Chosen One. It supposes a wide variety of language. Hence, you will not mind any difficulty while handling products with labels in a foreign language.

There is another amazing feature which allows you to find makeup products on Sephora. You just need to apply the makeup on your face and capture a picture. Samsung Bixby vision will then find out all the relevant products from Sephora and show you the results. This technology is latest and is not found in any other AI-based assistant app. However, the future is limited only to Sephora. The Bixby vision constantly looks around for places and gives you the options for a variety of places to visit. You can find restaurants as well as some famous landmarks using Bixby vision.

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