How to Stream IPL 2019 On Smartphones, Cable TV And PC?

           How to Stream IPL 2019: The 2019 edition of Indian Premier League has already started and people are searching for the possible ways to stream this amazing tournament live. It is one of the most attractive premier league’s across the world. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that the Indian Premier League or IPL is the most revenue generating local Premier League. BCCI is the richest cricket association in the entire world practically because of IPL. Additionally, Indians are crazy fans of cricket and they are the main revenue generating factor event for ICC. So how to stream IPL on cable TV Smartphones and other platforms?

The popularity of IPL has grown rapidly over time. Star India bagged the deal to get the telecasting rights for the Indian Premier League tournament from BCCI by paying about 2.5 billion dollars. The deal has been signed for the next five years starting from 2019. Hence, you can exclusively stream IPL on Star associated channels and platforms. Therefore, you can stream IPL 2019 live on Star sports channel on cable TV. Besides, it is good news that the star has got the rights to telecast IPL 2019. This is because of the fact that star has online ventures which will help us in viewing the matches online.

How to watch IPL Online?

There are practically enough ways to stream IPL live. This is mainly because of the fact that IPL is now available to stream on cable TVs, smartphones, Android TVs and other platforms easily. You might have heard about the hotstar application which is owned by the star group. Hence, hotstar is the official partner how to stream IPL 2019 live on its platform. It is amazing news because hotstar is available on smartphones and PC as well. Hence, you can stream IPL 2019 live on your smartphone.

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Use Hotstar

Hotstar is a web application and is also available officially for Android and IOS platform. The application can be officially downloaded from the Google Play Store or you can download the hotstar APK. It will allow you to stream IPL online anywhere and everywhere. Hence, if you are travelling back to your home after work and you don’t have television connectivity, you can directly switch on the hotstar application and stream IPL online. Besides, hotstar is also available on Android televisions. However, you can the premier league on cable TV too.

From this year, hotstar has started offering a premium package for streaming. Customers can get a one month plan for ₹199 or an annual plan for ₹999. This will give you unlimited access to view the Indian premier League online on hotstar. Besides, the premium plan the law also gives you access to the other features and television channels which are offered by the hotstar application. Therefore, by paying a small amount of money you can stream movies and TV shows as well.

How to stream IPL in the US and Canada?

There is no doubt that the Indian Premier League is globally famous. Moreover, there are many Indian citizens living in foreign lands like the US and Canada. They will not practically want to miss out the festival of cricket going on in their homeland. So how to stream IPL 2019 online in US and Canada? Technology has made each and everything possible on this planet. Hence, streaming a sports event is no big issue. Hotstar has officially launched a package for people living in abroad. Hence, you can simply download the hotstar application from the Play Store App Store. However, you will have to purchase in the premium package in order to stream. Hotstar has added many payment gateways in order to accept payment in foreign currencies as well.

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